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  1. 5 Fun Christmas Swim Events Across The UK
    5 Fun Christmas Swim Events Across The UK

    5 Fun Christmas Swim Events Across The UK

    The “Christmas Swim” has fast become a popular British tradition, with people all over the country plunging into freezing cold lakes or the sea during the Christmas season, all in the name of charity. These crazy events attract hundreds of brave participants and onlookers; all dressed in swimwear and fancy dress costumes in minus temperatures to raise money for a good cause!


    If you’re thinking about getting involved with a fun Christmas swim, the team at Zoggshave picked out 5 of the most popular events taking place across the UK this year!

    Brighton's Christmas Day Swim
    Swim Brighton's Swimming Club has one of the longest running Christmas Day swims in the UK. The popular event has taken place every year since 1860, with the exception of 2012 when extremely bad weather caused it to be cancelled to the despair of many!

    Sutton Park's Christmas Day Swim
    Last year, the Sutton Park Christmas Day Swim made headlines when one of the swimmers brought a banner saying 'Will you keep me warm for the rest of my life', a beautiful and creative marriage proposal! If you're located in West Midlands and fancy doing something unusual on Christmas Day, don a fancy dress costume and get involved.

    Exmouth Christmas Day Swim
    In Devon, thousands of people brave the freezing temperatures to carry out this local tradition, which began in the late 1960s. The event still has no official organisers but it is thought to be one of the biggest to take place in the UK, with more and more people getting involved every year!

    Serpentine Swimming Club’s Christmas Day Swim
    The iconic Serpent

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  2. 2015 Swim Events for your Diary
    2015 Swim Events for your Diary

    2015 Swim Events for your Diary

    As 2015 fast approaches, its time to start filling out your diary for the busy year ahead. There are plenty of fun and rewarding events on offer across the UK and the team here at Zoggs have picked out some of our favourites to pencil in for 2015….

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    Events for young swimmers

    • Oceans of Fun Days – From 1st February 2015 and On-going
    Young swimmers aged 7-14 can join in the Zoggs tour, which brings a variety of aquatic activities to pools nationwide - think fast swimming, mini water polo, synchronised swimming and even rookie lifeguard. Out of the pool, kids can also learn about first aid and life-saving skills such as CPR. There are 300 free places at each event, the next of which will take place on the 1st February 2015.

    Click here for more information and event dates.

    Splashathon – July 2015
    Taking place across the country in aid of children’s charity Tommy’s, Splashathon events see babies, young kids and grown-ups sign up for a host of fun pool-based activities. The event is a great way to build your little ones confidence in the water and raise money for the charity, helping more babies have a happy and healthy start in life.

    Keep an eye on the Zoggs Facebook and Twitter pages for more details about upcoming Splashathon dates for 2015.

    Charity Swim Events

     Swimathon - 17-19 April 2015
    The annual swimming challenge returns in April 2015, encouraging swimmers nationwide to get down to their local pool and complete a range of challenge distances to raise money for the Marie Curie Cancer Care charity.Over 24,500 swimmers took part in this year's challenge, raising millions of pounds. On a personal level, the Swimathon challenge is the perfect resolution for the New Year, with plenty of time to train for the April event. To find out more about how you can take part,

     Aspire Chanel Swim – Sept to Dec 2015
    Are you looking for a new challenge in 2015? How about swimming the distance of the English Channel and raising money for the Aspire charity at the same time? The Aspire Channel Swim event helps to raise money for those paralysed by Spinal Cord Injury and sees thousands of people around the country taking on the 22 mile challenge in their local pool. Whether you’re completing the challenge on your own, with friends or as part of a team – the website includes a useful leader board to track your progress and also a host of prizes up for grabs for top fundraisers AND it’s free to enter!

    • Bournemouth Pier to Pier Swim - 12 July 2015
    If you enjoy open water swimming, why not challenge yourself and raise money for a worthy cause. Join the 1.4 mile Bournemouth Pier to Pier Swim on Sunday 12 July 2015, and follow the shoreline from Bournemouth Pier to Boscombe Pier, where a medal, a hot drink and a huge amount of personal pride will be waiting for you. The event raises money for the British Heart Foundation

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  3. How to improve your butterfly technique
    How to improve your butterfly technique

    How to improve your butterfly technique

    Butterfly is generally accepted as one of the toughest of all strokes both in terms of technique and strength. The butterfly technique burns around 750 calories per hour, working the abdominals, triceps, pectorals, shoulders and quadriceps. Perfecting this physically demanding stoke can often be difficult.


    To help, the team here at Zoggs have put together a number of expert tips along with a useful video to help you successfully improve your butterfly technique….

    Body & Hips
    Your body should be as close as possible to the water's surface when completing this stroke. The hips are key to butterfly, acting as a pivot point.

    Your stroke should start with your arms forwards and your eyes looking slightly ahead. Press down your head as your hips move upwards and when you are underwater, tuck your chin into your chest. The stroke should be both continuous and fluid.

    As you pull with your arms, push your chin forwards to get ready to breathe. Then raise your eyes slightly so that you are looking d

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  4. Zoggs appoint Open Water and Triathlon Swimming Ambassador Adam "Ocean" Walker
    Zoggs appoint Open Water and Triathlon Swimming Ambassador Adam "Ocean" Walker

    Zoggs appoint Open Water and Triathlon Swimming Ambassador Adam "Ocean" Walker

    Zoggs are pleased to announce the appointment of Adam ‘Ocean’ Walker as our Open Water / Triathlon Swimming Ambassador.

    Adam Walker2

    On the 6th August 2014, Adam became the first British person to complete the Oceans7 - known as the toughest 7 ocean swims on the planet - when he swam across the North Channel in his Zoggs Predator Flex goggles, cap and Zoggs Hip Racer trunks in a time of 10 hours and 45 minutes.

    This was the last of his 7 Ocean swims, a group of 7 long distance swims scattered across the world, that include the Cook Strait, the Molokai Channel, the English Channel, the Catalina Channel, the Tsugaru Strait and the Strait of Gibraltar.

    Adam Walker is the first Briton to not only complete all seven swims, but to have successfully completed them all on the first attempt.

    Of the appointment, David Annand, Zoggs UK Marketing and PR Manager said: “When selecting an ambassador for Open Water and Triathlon swimming Adam was an obvious candidate. We have known Adam since the beginning of his swims and have happily provided him with the necessary kit to complete all 7 Oceans. He has an inspiring story to tell and will be a tremendous role model to all of those taking part in Open Water swimming.”


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  5. Preparing your little ones for swimming lessons
    Preparing your little ones for swimming lessons

    Preparing your little ones for swimming lessons

    A child's first swimming lesson can be an exciting experience for youngsters and parent’s alike. There are a number steps that can be taken beforehand to ensure your child feels confident and at ease before the lessons begin!


    Start with a bath

    The simple task of having a bath can begin to support your child in their first steps in taking swimming lessons.

    Try using fun swim toys that your child will use during their swimming lesson, this will help them become familiar with the toys and build their confidence when starting to attend lessons eg: super soakers or seal flips.

    Getting familiar with the pool environment
    It is important to take your child to the swimming pool where you are planning to have the lessons for some quality time together, but also so your child can get familiar with the size, depth, and temperature of the pool.

    Keep in mind that a lot takes place throughout a swimming lesson, not just the fact that your child is going to have to follow instructions and participate. Increased noise levels in the surrounding environment are very different, which can sometimes be overwhelming and also the number of children in the class can also be a factor to your child’s levels of comfort.

    Finally, ensure you discuss basic water safety before their first swimming lesson and also talk to your children about the rules of the pool.

    Dress rehearsal
    Getting your child into their swimming costume at home can be a factor on how comfortable they feel when the day comes to swim  – why not even make getting dressed for their swim lessons into a fun game!  The majority of time, children’s confidence within water is effected by their body, mind and environment outside of the pool!

    Begin the Conversation
    Talking with your child about swimming prior to their lesson is very important. Talk them through the process of what will happen in the lesson and also how great it will be, helping your little one to build trust and feel prepared. As you can see your child building confidence in conversation, start talking about kicking their leg and simple exercises that will no doubt be in your child’s swimming lesson.

    What to pack for your swimming lessons
    We’re often asked by many parents “What should I pack in my child’s swimming bag?”.  We would recommend including the following items to be sure they have everything they need:

    - Swimming Costume
    - Towel
    Swim hat
    Children’s Swim goggles
    - Extra carrier bag to place wet swimwear
    - Drink and a snack for afterwards
    - Include a small coin purse, with some change in it for emergencies
    - We would also recommend marking or labelling clothing with your child's name to avoid losing any items.

    Day of the Lesson
    When the day of the lesson arrives, make sure

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  6. Zoggs Goggles Fitting Guide
    Zoggs Goggles Fitting Guide

    Zoggs Goggles Fitting Guide

    Ensuring your goggles fit comfortably and securely is key to a great swim!  Your goggles will help protect your eyes and ultimately improve performance during your next swim session; therefore it is important that they

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  7. Dive in to the World's Deepest Swimming Pool
    Dive in to the World's Deepest Swimming Pool

    Dive in to the World's Deepest Swimming Pool

    Here at Zoggs; we’re always on the lookout for interesting and unique swimming experience’s, and the Y-40 pool in Italy is certainly one location where the term ‘in at the deep end’ acquires a whole new meaning!

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