How to improve your butterfly technique

How to improve your butterfly technique

Butterfly is generally accepted as one of the toughest of all strokes both in terms of technique and strength. The butterfly technique burns around 750 calories per hour, working the abdominals, triceps, pectorals, shoulders and quadriceps. Perfecting this physically demanding stoke can often be difficult.


To help, the team here at Zoggs have put together a number of expert tips along with a useful video to help you successfully improve your butterfly technique….

Body & Hips
Your body should be as close as possible to the water's surface when completing this stroke. The hips are key to butterfly, acting as a pivot point.

Your stroke should start with your arms forwards and your eyes looking slightly ahead. Press down your head as your hips move upwards and when you are underwater, tuck your chin into your chest. The stroke should be both continuous and fluid.

As you pull with your arms, push your chin forwards to get ready to breathe. Then raise your eyes slightly so that you are looking d

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