1. Tips to get you cold water swimming
    Tips to get you cold water swimming

    Tips to get you cold water swimming

    Getting started with cold water swimming - By Annie Brooks (www.talesofanniebean.com )

    If you love your pool swims and enjoy those open water swims, then this winter you might be ready to take on cold water swimming! Unlike hopping into to your local heated swimming pool to run through your drills, or dipping into that beautiful lake during the summer time, cold water swimming not only challenges physically, it tests you mentally also. Knowing you’re about to step into water that barely reaches double figures, can be a challenge, but this is exactly why it’s fantastic because that sense of achievement is like nothing else.


    1. Find a open water swimming venue
    There are many open water swimming venues that continue to allow swims during the chilly months. Due to the increasingly popularity of cold water swimming, more and more venues are keeping open longer. The best thing to do to find them is get searching on the internet, or better yet, Facebook. There are numerous specific open water swimming groups across the UK who regularly meet up for swims, these often host their own Facebook groups too. If you do some digging and you’ll not only find many venues, but potentially make some new swimming buddies!

    2. Get the right kit

    When you’re just starting out with cold water swimming the best thing to do is get the right kit to keep you warm. If female, a good swimsuit and if male, well-made swim shorts, followed by a wetsuit. Not only is a wetsuit designed for buoyancy in the water, it is also keeps you warmer than just swimming in a swimsuit. When wearing a wetsuit, unlike just a swimsuit, the wetsuit allows the water to seep in gradually. This gives your body a good amount of time to slowly acclimatise. Beyond your wetsuit, you can pick up gloves, hat and boots to keep you toasty!

    3. Safety first
    Always take a tow float. This isn’t specifically for cold water swimming, but if the cold water shocks you, you can be easily be spotted by other water users. Tow floats are often mandatory for open water swimming venues. Another option is to attach a whistle to your tow float to alert that you need assistance to the open water swim venue staff. It is just about being safe, seen and heard.

    4. Swim with a buddy
    At a dedicated open water swimming venue you don’t always need to swim with a buddy, just be a confident swimmer. Personally, I like to always swim with a buddy, for both safety and enjoyment purposes. If you decided to wild cold water swim, then having an extra person with you is really important. However, if you’re off for a cold water swim and it is your first time, there is something comforting going through the process of acclimatisation with a friend.

    5. Getting in the cold water
    Firstly, never jump in. You might have seen those beautiful instagram shots of outdoors grammers leaping into fresh water. Don’t. You should never jump into cold water, acclimatised or not, your body might go into shock which can be really dangerous. I prefer to ease in gradually, and the more I have acclimatised the quicker this process is, but the most important thing is to give your body time. I love to wear swim socks and gloves because these two body parts get the worst of the cold for me. I like to call them ice cream feet and hands! Getting your shoulders under is the hardest part, but in a wetsuit because it gradually seeps in, it makes this a little easier.

    6. Cold water skin swims
    You’ve mastered swimming in your

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  2. Zoggs Swim Diaries - Taking on the Henley Swim Festival 2020
    Zoggs Swim Diaries - Taking on the Henley Swim Festival 2020

    Zoggs Swim Diaries - Taking on the Henley Swim Festival 2020

    The Zoggs Swim Diaries series aim to celebrate those undertaking a personal challenge or complete something to inspire us all. Mel Berry a swim coach and co-founder of HerSpirit takes us through her adventure of Henley Swim Festival 2020..

    Henley Swim Festival 4 x 1 mile Her Spirit adventure = 2 medals,

    You can’t beat getting back into open water swimming events to give you a sense of purpose and focus again. Thanks to Zoggs, Team Her Spirit rose to the challenge and entered the 4 x 1 mile event as part of the Henley Swim Festival. I mean why not do it four times rather than just once!

    Our team consisted of myself Mel Berry and my co-founder at Her Spirit, Holly Woodford and our love of adventure and getting our first 2020 medal! With so many events being cancelled due to COVID this was our first event and so didn’t take much persuading to take part over the August bank holiday. But what happened to the sunshine?


    Due to the weather and water temperature being under 16 degrees…. We opted to swim in our wetsuits but tucked under them were our trusty Wonder Woman and Batman suits! and of course our Zoggs/Her Spirit swim caps under our gold event caps. Today’s goggle choice was Predator’s for Holly and Fusion Air for myself.


    They say preparation is everything …. Haha I think we failed at first base on that due to COVID19 and Benjamin Franklin said “By failing to prepare you are preparing to fail” but this event is not about being the fastest but more the ability to enjoy going up and down the Thames by foot and water four times.

    Challenging yourself is something we both love and having never done this event or anything like this format, it was a great challenge to take on. Coupled with the fact that we needed to take everything with us, we needed to get a new tow float, that could carry our food, drink, shoes and trusty GoPro to capture the event as well as our car key! I was only slightly worried I would lose the key! I am not sure how I would explain that one to the garage!

    Ready to rumble at 9am we set of for mile 1…and down the steps we went into The Thames…. Follow the yellow buoys and multi coloured tow floats till the beach they said! How hard can it be…

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  3. Top summer picks for kids
    Top summer picks for kids

    Top summer picks for kids

    Whether you're heading abroad or sticking around in the UK in hope of another summer of sun (fingers crossed), the summer holidays are just around the corner. To make sure that you are prepped and ready for a busy summer we have put together a selection

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  4. Maternity Swimwear for Every Trimester
    Maternity Swimwear for Every Trimester

    Maternity Swimwear for Every Trimester

    Maternity Swimwear

    As a safe, easy and low-impact form of exercise, the

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  5. Bag a Bargain in the Zoggs 50% Off Swimwear Sale!
    Bag a Bargain in the Zoggs 50% Off Swimwear Sale!

    Bag a Bargain in the Zoggs 50% Off Swimwear Sale!

    Christmas has come early at Zoggs with 50% off swimwear! Treat yourself or get last minute gifts for the big or little swimmers in your life with these fantastic offers on selected products;

    Girls Melon Magic X Back SwimdressZoggs’ 50% Off Sale

    This popular swim dress features:

    • Slim, crossover straps that stay in place and support full, free movement
    • Pretty, pink and green watermelon pattern
    • Comfortable low leg that’s suitable for use with or without a swim nappy.
    • Was £14 - Now £7.00!


      Girls Regatta Long Sleeve Top

    Suitable for use as a top with shorts or an additional layer over a swimsuit, this long sleeved swimming top features:Zoggs’ 50% Off Swimwear Sale

    • Super-soft, chlorine resistant Elastomax fabric
    • Highest UPF 50+ protection available
    • Two-tone blue body and sleeves with colourful flower motif on the midriff and collar
    • Suitable for girls aged 1 to 6
    • Was £18 - Now £9! 

    Junior Girls Mermaid Sun Top

    Ideal for aspiring mermaids, this short-sleeved swim top features:Zoggs’ 50% Off Swimwear Sale

    • Attractive fish scale pattern on the sleeve in purple, pink, green and blue
    • Highest UPF fabric rating of 50+ for sun protection
    • Soft, quick drying and chlorine resistant Hydrolife fabric
    • Slim fit with stretch for optimum comfort and shape retention
    • Available from age 6-15
    • Was £20 – Now £10!

    Junior Girls Mosaic Madness Strikeback swimsuit

    This eye-catching, one-piece swimsuit features:Zoggs’ 50% Off Swimwear Sale

    • Fuchsia pink body with contrasting diamond mosaic pattern
    • Open, strikeback fit for unrestricted movement that’s ideal for taller girls
    • Soft, chlorine resistant Hydrolife fabric for lasting comfort and durability
    • Suitable for girls aged 6 to 15
    • Was £16 - Now £8!

    Boys Monsters Long Sleeve Top

    Got a little monster that loves swimming? Then he’ll love this swim top which features:Zoggs’ 50% Off Swimwear Sale

    • Maximum UPF 50+ sun protection
    • Blue body with contrasting green and orange sleeves and monster motif
    • Soft, stretchy, quick drying Elastomax fabric
    • Matching Watershorts also at 50% off – this popular range is selling fast so order now!
    • Available age 1-6 years
    • Was £18 - Now £9!

    Boys Monsters Watershorts

    These colourful boys’ shorts feature:Zoggs’ 50% Off Swimwear Sale

    • Elasticated waist for perfect comfort and fit in any swim activity
    • Fun, all-over monster pattern
    • Super soft, quick drying Durafeel fabric
    • Can be worn alone or paired with the matching long-sleeve Monsters top
    • Suitable for boys aged 1 to 6
    • Was £12 - Now £6!

    Junior Boys Wild Wave Spliced Jammer

    These popular swim shorts for boys feature:Zoggs’ 50% Off Swimwear Sale

    • Navy blue leg with geometric patterned side panels in red and green
    • Super-soft, quick drying Hydrolife fabric
    • Super sporty stretch for contoured fit, shape retention and streamlined swimming
    • Suitable for boys aged 6 to 15
    • Was £16 - Now £8!

    Native Chic Scoopback Swimsuit

    This ladies’ swimsuit is one of our seasonal best-sellers and with 50% off, it’s sure to sell out fast so order now! Features include:Zoggs’ 50% Off Swimwear Sale

    • Shelf bra, medium width straps and discreet tummy control panel for optimum comfort and support.
    • A flattering geometric pattern on the bust
    • High scoopback for support and freedom of movement
    • Available in sizes 8 to 22.
    • Was £25 - Now £17.50! 

    Ladies’ Bloom Twinback Swimsuit

    This beautiful feminine ladies swimsuit has a flower motif in pastel shades and features:Zoggs’ 50% Off Swimwear Sale

    • Sporty high-leg design with slim, double crossback straps in blue and lilac
    • Full front lining for comfort and modesty
    • Available in sizes 6 to 14
    • Was £32 - Now £16 

    Men’s Wave Motion Merimbula Shorts

    These stylish men’s swimming shorts feature:Zoggs’ 50% Off Swimwear Sale

    • Bright blue short leg with green Zoggs motif
    • Mesh lining and drawstring waistband for comfort
    • 19” leg length
    • Soft, chlorine resistant, quick-dry Durafeel fabric for lasting comfort in or out of the water
    • Available in sizes S to XXL
    • Was £22 - Now £11!



    You’ll find something for everyone in the Zoggs 50% off sale so explore our offers, place your order and give the swimmers in your life gifts they’ll love this Christmas.

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  6. Women's Swimwear - It's All About the Back!
    Women's Swimwear - It's All About the Back!

    Women's Swimwear - It's All About the Back!

    You may not think it, but choosing a swimsuit with the right back can go a long way to ensuring you are supported and comfortable throughout your swims and achieve the best possible fit. With up to 30 different backs in the Zoggs

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  7. Zoggs Galaxy Flyback Swimsuit Awarded 'Best Buy' from 220 Triathlon Magazine
    Zoggs Galaxy Flyback Swimsuit Awarded 'Best Buy' from 220 Triathlon Magazine

    Zoggs Galaxy Flyback Swimsuit Awarded 'Best Buy' from 220 Triathlon Magazine

    After an eight-week test we were yet to see a single bottom bobble!

    galaxy flybackWe were so pleased to hear that our Galaxy Flyback swimsuit has been voted 220 Triathlon Magazine’s ‘Best Buy’ with a 91% rating this month!

    Our Galaxy Flyback Swimsuit is made from our 100% chlorine proof Aqualast™ fabric, which is durable and resistant to snagging and offers excellent shape retention. 220 Triathlon reported:

    “Where this good value suit wins though, is with Zoggs’ Aqualast fabric, which promises to be 100% chlorine-resistant and snag-proof. After an eight-week test period of continual wash ‘n’ wear cycles, we were yet to see a single bottom bobble”.

    Our flyback design is ideal for regular swimmers as the straps are drawn away from the shoulders for ease of movement and comfort.

    "Fit is excellent, with the flyback design allowing a full range of movement, while the slightly thicker straps fit comfortably and don’t dig in."

    They were also fans of the bold neon circle print, perfect for brightening up your winter swims!

    We want to say a big thanks to 220 Triathlon magazine for awarding our Galaxy Flyback swimsuit ‘Best Buy’ – we love it as much as you do!

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  8. Zoggs Guide to Supportive Swimwear
    Zoggs Guide to Supportive Swimwear

    Zoggs Guide to Supportive Swimwear

    At Zoggs, we understand that the challenges facing female swimmers are about much more than just swimming ability or access to facilities. Body confidence plays a big part in how you feel about taking to the water, so we’ve developed an extensive range of comfortable,

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  9. Aqualast: The Only Swimwear Fabric with a Lifetime Guarantee
    Aqualast: The Only Swimwear Fabric with a Lifetime Guarantee

    Aqualast: The Only Swimwear Fabric with a Lifetime Guarantee

    aqualast guarantee

    Here at Zoggs we understand that to get the most out of your swims you need equipment that you can trust, which is why in 2014 we launched our Aqualast™ fabric, the world's first and only swimwear fabric to come with a lifetime guarantee, making our Aqualast™ swimwear an essential addition to any kit bag.

    Not only is Aqualast™ 100% chlorine proof for the ultimate in lasting performance, this fabric also boasts excellent support and comfort, giving a closer, more hydro-dynamic fit that doesn't change over time. The quality of the fabric allows for exceptional colour and shape retention, so you can take to the lanes in confidence knowing your costume will stay bright.

    Aqualast™ is available in both junior and adult swimwear sizes and is the only fabric used within our Toggs Swimwear range – featuring bright and bold digitally printed designs that are sure to make an impression! With our junior range starting as young as 6 year

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  10. Stylish women’s swimwear for 2015
    Stylish women’s swimwear for 2015

    Stylish women’s swimwear for 2015

    Getting the most out of your swims is all about feeling fab and looking great, and our latest line of costumes for 2015 showcases the very best in fashion. With our unique expert knowledge of swimwear, our range is perfect for pool training, at the beach, or just lounging

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