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  1. Rosanna's Sponsored Swim
    Rosanna's Sponsored Swim

    Rosanna's Sponsored Swim


    Rosanna Ogden Sponsored swim
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  2. Benjamin's Sponsored 185 Mile Swim
    Benjamin's Sponsored 185 Mile Swim

    Benjamin's Sponsored 185 Mile Swim

    Sponsored Swim

    We were approached about an incredible boy called Benjamin and just had to share his story! Benjamin is 8 years-old and is swimming the length of the River Trent within 6 months to raise money for When You Wish Upon A Star, a charity whose aim is to grant the wishes of children between the ages of 2 - 16 years old living with life threatening illnesses.

    We asked Benjamin a few questions about this fantastic challenge.

    So Benjamin, what made you decide to swim an amazing 185 miles? "I decided on swimming the 185 mile River Trent challenge as I wanted something bigger than last year's 21 miles and I wanted to push myself and have a reason to go to the swimming pool."

    Your swims began a few months ago, how far have you swum so far? "I am at 75 miles so far and swimming most days. On 1st August I swam a mile an hour for 5 hours."

    Wow, great job! Where have you been doing your swims, have any friends or family been joining you? "I swim at Hucknall Leisure Centre most of the time and my mummy swims with me in the morning and daddy when he's not at work.

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  3. Rosanna's Sponsored Swim
    Rosanna's Sponsored Swim

    Rosanna's Sponsored Swim

    We were approached about a remarkable little girl called Rosanna Ogden and we just had to share her story! Rosanna is 5 years old, and with a little help from friends and loved ones, is organising a sponsored swim for a UK heart charity.

    Rosanna was born with a rare type of tumour called Rhabdomyoma and at just 6 weeks old she underwent heart surgery. We asked Rosanna a few questions about her sponsored swim.

    So, why do you love swimming?
    Rosanna: It makes me super fast and because it makes me feel happy.

    Why do you think more people should swim?
    Rosanna: Everyone should be able to swim by themselves so they can play in the water.

    How do you feel when you’re swimming?
    Rosanna: Happy!!

    Are you excited for the sponsored swim? How far will you be swimming?
    Rosanna: Yes! I am so so so excited. I am swimming one mile.

    Are any of your friends doing the swim with you?
    Rosanna: Yes, from my class, they are coming to support me.

    What made you want to raise money for charity?
    Rosanna: I want to raise it to help other people.

    Do you see yourself swimming lots in the future?

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