1. Zoggs Swim Diaries: Beginners Butterfly
    Zoggs Swim Diaries: Beginners Butterfly

    Zoggs Swim Diaries: Beginners Butterfly

    Butterfly Zoggs Swim DiaryWe had an exhausting but exhilarating swimming class this week learning butterfly. It’s not a stroke we touch upon too frequently, and ordinarily it’s just a small element of a class, but this week, it was all about the fly. At the beginning of the class I was a little bit nervous, but excited too. It’s one of those strokes that is scary but fun at the same time. When done correctly it looks amazing, almost like the swimmer is flying through the water, probably where it got its name!

    The class was very tiring, butterfly is an aerobic stroke and also not one that we were used to swimming, so it did feel like a harder class than usual. We did a series of drills using fins that included dolphin kick, dolphin kick with breathing timed to the kick and one-arm pull - this is not a typo - probably the hardest drill of them all! And then finally, onto full stroke with fins before going fin-free.

    The majority of the class was taken up by the drills, but we did move onto fin-free full stroke towards the end of the class. Previously, I’ve only managed to do three quarters of a length of full stroke without fins, so I was really delighted to manage two lengths, albeit with a bit of a breather in-between!

    There were a few tips that I picked up during the class which I think are worth sharing with those of you that are learning butterfly as a beginner:

    Easier said than done, but it really does help. If you can relax, you will find that the stroke will almost fall into a natural rhythm.

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  2. 5 Essential Swim Safety Tips for Children
    5 Essential Swim Safety Tips for Children

    5 Essential Swim Safety Tips for Children

    Even if you have been to the beach or pool many times with your little ones, it is still really important to be aware of basic swim safety precautions that will help you to minimise the risks.

    As parents, we are responsible for showing our children how to be safe around water. Doing this requires a fine balance between teaching them to respect the potential dangers, without making them nervous of the water.

    In this blog post, we will explain some essential swim safety Baby Swimweartips that will help children learn to understand how to behave in and around water this summer. It is not all about stressing the hazards, but moreover a matter of teaching kids to be confident and remain aware of potential risks so that they can stay safe whilst they enjoy swimming.

    Here are five really simple points to remember that will keep your whole family safe this summer;

    1. Educate and Connect
    For many children, the water is an unknown. Even a child who regularly swims at their local pool can be unnerved by the experience of being in the sea. That’s why it is important to speak to your children about the water and what you do as an adult to stay safe and enjoy your time while swimming.

    It is worthwhile doing this regularly at home, not just on your way to the pool or beach. That way, respecting the water is something that becomes nature to your little ones.

    2. Fun
    When you are around water as a family, try to engage with your children 30-060through the games that they are playing.  If it’s an underwater game, keep a watchful eye on what they are doing. If it is next to the pool or on the shore, be part of it, whether that is watching, playing or keeping score.

    By supervising, you can easily making sure your children stay safe at

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  3. Zoggs Goggles Fitting Guide
    Zoggs Goggles Fitting Guide

    Zoggs Goggles Fitting Guide

    Ensuring your goggles fit comfortably and securely is key to a great swim!  Your goggles will help protect your eyes and ultimately improve performance during your next swim session; therefore it is important that they

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