Liquid Skin

Our revolutionary Liquid Skin Gasket offers an ultra-lightweight, perfectly contoured fit for a streamlined profile and a secure, reliable seal around the eyes.

Lens Features

The titanium lenses are optimised to provide a wide field of view and reduce eye fatigue caused by bright pool lights or sunny conditions.

Our lenses feature condensation controlling Fogbuster™ to prevent your vision from becoming obscured.

The lenses protect your eyes from 99-100% of harmful UV rays.

Split Strap

Our split yoke strap ensures durability, security and reduced pressure around your eyes.

Quick Adjust

A fast and secure push-button system for ease of adjustment.  


Without Mirror Smoke Lens
Mirror Smoke Lens
Without Mirror Red Lens
Mirror Red Lens
Without Mirror Gold Lens
Mirror Gold Lens
Without Tinted Smoke Lens
Tinted Smoke Lens


Tiger LSR+’s curved lenses offer 180-degree peripheral vision.
This makes it much easier to spot other swimmers and stay on course when swimming in open water.