Goggle features & lens guide

Our goggles come in a variety of sizes and fits so it's a good idea to find you perfect match. Our simple guide will help you find the best suitable style of goggle so you can swim with your eyes open and minimise leaks.

1. Choose your profile

Firstly the consider the type of goggle and the use intended. Picking the ideal profile will get you on your way.

Goggle Profile - Low ProfileGoggle Profile - Low Profile

Low Profile

Designed for smaller or narrow faces. Using a smaller gasket that fits in the eye socket helps to remove drag so suitable for competitive swimmers.

Eg Fusion Air Goggles or Racespex Mirror Goggles, Endura Goggles

Goggle Profile - StandardGoggle Profile - Standard


Designed for average size faces with a large gasket that sits on the outer eye socket with a strong seal. The gasket is larger than the Low Profile. Ideal for entry level and professional swimmers.

Eg Predator Flex & Predator Goggles, Phantom 2.0 Goggles, Bondi Goggles

Goggle Profile - MaskGoggle Profile - Mask


Has a larger frame preferable for longer periods in the water. Suitable for leasure swimmers and thos who like to play in the water.

Eg Tri Vision Mask

2. Pick your Frame & Gasket

We have 5 types of frames & gaskets which all have their own individual features. These have been developed with the user and the type of swimming activity in mind.

Air CushionAir Cushion

Creates a long-lasting seal around your eyes, for a unique leak-free fit. Designed to provide even pressure distribution across your face. Hypo-allergenic to avoid skin irritation. Phthalate free.

Soft SealSoft Seal

Ultra-light flexible comfort but durable for no leaks. Fitting like a second skin, you'll feel like you are not wearing goggles.

3D Flexpoint3D Flexpoint

Made from high grade silicone for a 10% softer gasket seal, with enhanced contouring of the upper and lower rim. In combination this makes for a lighter feel and even more comfortable fit - perfect for hours in the water.

Air CushionAir Cushion

Air filled goggle gaskets provide a 'suchioned' seal which gives an 'almost not there' fit minimising marking around the eye.

Soft SealSoft Seal

Our unique hypo-allergenic Soft-Seal gasket moulds to the contours of the swimmer's face, giving a superb customised fit whilst retaining softness to give a 'second skin' style comfort.

3D Flexpoint3D Flexpoint

Ultimate frame technology, for enhanced frame flexibility offering a super comfortable fit for all faces. Exclusive to the Predator Flex range.

Wiro FrameWiro Frame

Unique Bio-Tech™ frame technology. A druable long lasting frame with soft silicone gaskets offering a super comfortable fit. Exclusive to our Predator range.

Ultra FitUltra Fit

Ultra-fit is the latest and exclusive designed gasket, which gives the swimmer the very best fit and ultimate comfort. This patented design is exclusive to our Predator & Predator Flex range.

Soft Seal+Soft Seal+

Our unique hypo-allergenic Soft-Seal + liquid silicone gaskets for an ultra light face contouring second skin with improved comfort.

3. Type of lens?

We have lenses for every type of swimmer - for indoor and all outdoor weather conditions.

Goggle Lens ClearGoggle Lens Clear


Ideal for low light, overcast conditions or indoors where maximum visibility is required.

Goggle Lens Smoke TintedGoggle Lens Smoke Tinted

Smoke Tinted

Medium protection against the sun and bright light, great for outdoor use. A practical solution for changeable conditions and everyday training.

Goggle Lens Colour TintedGoggle Lens Colour Tinted

Colour Tinted

Offers medium protection against the sun and bright indoor light, creating the perfect indoor lens.

Goggle Lens MirroredGoggle Lens Mirrored


For direct sunshine and bright conditions, reducing glare and reflections of the sun. Perfect for swimming outside.

Goggle Lens TitaniumGoggle Lens Titanium


Added protection from reflected light. Ideal for high level light, reducing eye fatigue & glare from the sun. Softens visual experience when swimming inside.

Goggle Lens PolarizedGoggle Lens Polarized


Smoke polarized lens ideal for high level light and direct sunshine, reducing glare and reflections from the sun. Perfect for swimming outside.

Goggle Lens Polarized UltraGoggle Lens Polarized Ultra

Polarized Ultra

Copper polarized lens filters blue light to reduce glare and the reflection of the sun, for high level light and direct sunlight.

Goggle Lens Polarized Ultra ReactorGoggle Lens Polarized Ultra Reactor

Polarized Ultra Reactor

Photochromatic lenses react to sun rays for a darker tint in brighter conditions, and clear visibility when indoor swimming.

Goggle Lens PrescriptionGoggle Lens Prescription


Designed for people who wear prescription glasses, these goggles come with corrective lenses.

4. Lens slider

Use the slider tool below to re-create the lens view to maximise your swimming view.


Lens Polarized

Without Polarized Lens
Polarized Lens

Lens Polarized Ultra Reactor

Without Polorized Ultra Reactor Lens
Polarized Ultra Reactor Lens

Lens Tint Blue

Without Blue Lens
Tint Blue Lens

Lens Tint Smoke

Without Tint Smoke Lens
Tint Smoke Lens

Lens Titanium Mirrored

Without Titanium Mirrored Lens
Titanium Mirrored Lens

Lens Titanium Reactor

Without Titanium Reactor Lens
Titanium Reactor Lens

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