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Introducing our new innovative collection of vibrant sustainable swimwear, designed to turn heads and empower women to embrace the open water.

Whether you’re dipping or long-distance swimming, our silver-lined swimwear allows you to experience the exhilaration of open water ‘skin swims’ whilst fostering a powerful female community spirit.

Our bright, bold patterns celebrate women of different shapes, sizes and backgrounds and our thermal silver lining offers an insulative boost to keep you comfortable in the water for longer.

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What makes this suit Silver?

Our open water swimsuits have been tested for a combined total of over 400 hours by members of the HerSpirit community. Research revealed our thermal silver lining helped retain body heat for 60% longer compared to normal swimwear. Combined with the cossies’ funky patterns, this range enables you to experience all the feel-good factors the open water has to offer.

What makes the suit Zoggs?

These new swimsuits are part of the Zoggs Sustainability Mission and are produced using our Ecofeel fabric: a pioneering fabric made from 100% recycled plastic waste. It offers a soft, comfortable fit without compromising on performance – perfect for bracing open water adventures.

Open WaterOpen Water

Research results

White Regular Fabric

Zoggs white regular fabricZoggs white regular fabric

Silver Lining Fabric

Zoggs silver lining fabricZoggs silver lining fabric
  • We lab tested our thermal silver lining by shining an infra-red light through the suit inside an enclosed space -to simulate the transference of body heat and body temperature.
  • Our lined swimsuit resisted heat transmission and kept the temperature of the enclosed space warmer for 60% longer compared to regular swimsuit fabric.
  • This proved the thermal properties of our new open water swimsuits.
  • The lining features on both the front and back of the swimsuit for ultimate heat retention.
Open Water range FAQOpen Water range FAQ


Following the release of our Open Water Swim Range we got togther with the amazing Zoggs design team Margot & Gerogia as well as our ambassadors Keri-anne Payne from Straight line swimming and Cath Pendleton a.k.a The Merthyr Mermaid to talk about the suits and how they have found testing them out. You can view the full video below, but to make it easier we have split out some of the key takeouts to watch in short videos.