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  1. Zoggs Swim Diaries: What makes Susie Rodgers #SwimHappy?
    Zoggs Swim Diaries: What makes Susie Rodgers #SwimHappy?

    Zoggs Swim Diaries: What makes Susie Rodgers #SwimHappy?

    As part of the Zoggs #SwimHappy campaign, each week a Friend of Zoggs will be sharing their story of the water! To kick off the series Paralympic 50m Butterfly Gold Medalist, Susie Rodgers, shares what makes her #SwimHappy...

    As Zoggs launch #SwimHappy, encouraging everyone to try swimming in all its forms: open water, indoor swimming, diving, triathlon and even free diving, it got me thinking about my own love of the water and why I really get huge pleasure from being a swimmer.Susie Rodgers sitting on the side of the pool

    I started swimming when I was young and living in Egypt because of my father’s job. We were in Cairo, it was boiling hot and there were opportunities to take weekend trips and holidays to the Red Sea. I remember even as a six year old my parents wanted me to learn this life skill. I was wearing my arm bands and
    paddling in the hotel pool and my Dad was holding me and suddenly he just whipped the arm bands away and said “try copying your older sister”! I naturally panicked but once I relaxed, the flow came and that beautiful sense of calm and release of not having to wear my artificial arm and leg just took control and I managed a few, somewhat scrappy, doggie paddle strokes to get to the other side of the pool. That was it, I was hooked for life. I went on a trip to the Siniai in the Red Sea and we went out into the big blue on a yacht. As soon as we moored, it took me no time to jump in with my snorkel and mask and to observe the beauty of emptiness beneath me. I was not afraid; I was in awe of such a magical and incredible environment. This started a love affair with the ocean, sea and marine creatures that stays with me today.

    "the way that my body, despite its imperfections, moves through the water... is a thing of beauty and is why I love the water so much."


    After my Gold winning performance in Rio last year in the 50m Butterfly, I had already planned a trip to Australia and to visit the Great Barrier Reef, which I have wanted to do since I was that six year old in Egypt. I was the first in the water as the boat moored in the open ocean by the reef and I started deep diving holding my breath, letting my body ride with the current and watching a carpet shark as it rested on the reef beneath me. I took several moments to pause and look at th

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  2. What makes you #SwimHappy?
    What makes you #SwimHappy?

    What makes you #SwimHappy?

    Whether you swim to compete, swim for fitness, take a dip on holiday, or just want to spend some time in the water with the Family, Zoggs wants to celebrate what makes you #SwimHappy!

    It’s well known that taking a dip releases those much needed endorphins. You don’t believe us? A recent study by British Gas SwimBritain conducted by MindLab (2014) ‘The secret to happiness? Swimming has all the answers’ highlights how much swimming can truly help when it comes to positivity, motivation and overall levels of wellbeing. By adding a few laps of the pool into the weekly schedule they found:

    • A reported increase of 35% in positivity.
    • Taking a dip increases energy levels by 51% and fitness levels by 15%.
    • While swimming is low impact, it increases the levels of sleep quality by 40%, and those swimming more than 2.5 hours a week their quality of sleep at least doubled.
    • The participants negative emotions decreased by 33%, while the positive emotions increased on average 35%.
    • Overall it was found that levels of wellbeing increased on average 20%.

      Aqua Flex - Men relaxing in the pool

      While figures are useful, sometimes there is no better way to find out what makes you #SwimHappy than jumping in! Need some inspiration on how to discover your excuse for a swim? Check out Zoggs top tips:

      • Swim with friends - Solo lane swims not for you? Why not join a swimming club or collect together your friends and set some fun challenges, race each other or just have a gossip at the end of the lane when you want a break.
      • Set yourself a training routine – If you need some motivation to keep swimming set yourself a target and a training routine to achieve it. Whether they are training sets of 10 or 20, they are a great way of staying motivated as well as keeping count of those lengths you’ve done.
      • Try out something different – Pool based activities have been increasing in popularity recently with the development of Aqua Aerobics or Aqua Zumba. These are great ways to still get exercise in a low impact environment. If you are looking for something a little more challenging there is always sports such as Synchronised Swimming or Water Polo.
      • Games! – This can be great when you are swimming with the family. Games could be creating Fun Relays using multiple strokes or using Zoodles. You could also dive for treasure with Dive Sticks or Clam Hunt. Games don’t necessarily only work for the family, they can also help motivate solo swims. Visit
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  3. Confidence Building Pool Game Ideas for Easter
    Confidence Building Pool Game Ideas for Easter

    Confidence Building Pool Game Ideas for Easter

    When it comes to turning the simplest of things into a game, it's no secret that children are pros; and family time in the pool need not be any different! We've put together some games to feed their imagination and build their confidence in the pool this Easter break.

    The Milkshake

    You will need: a Kickboard and Backfloat
    Perfect for building confidence with kick technique! Using a Kickboard held out in front of them and a Backfloat for support, ask your child to adopt a horizontal position in the water and kick their legs (making sure their legs are straight) as though they are creating a milkshake. To do this their legs should be making small splashes on top of the water which create bubbles (like the top of a milkshake!). They will find it easier if they are able to put their face in the water for this activity so some funky new goggles may be needed.

    Sequence Searchdive rings 57-503 (1)

    You will need: Dive Sticks or Dive Rings
    Place the toys in a line at the bottom of the pool in 2 metre intervals. Set the rules of the colour order in which to retrieve them and kids can race against the clock or each other to bring them back one at a time to the edge of the pool. Too easy? See if they can retrieve them all in order and in one breath!


    You will need: a Backfloat
    Using a Backfloat (the super hero jet pack!) ask your child to place one arm by their side and their other arm out in front of them creating their super hero pose. Their head can either be face down in the water or held up. Ask them to adopt a horizontal position by pushing off from the side of the pool and just like a super hero glide as far as they can. When mastered repeat the exercise only this time ask them to kick their legs as well. For a group activity you can challenge them to see who can travel furthest!

    Horse Race6967_24_preview

    You will need: an inflatable or foam Noodle
    A perfect game for two or more players – they can race against each other (or against the clock). Get them to line up on the start line, sitting with their legs either side of the noodle holding on with two hands. On the word 'Go!' they can lean forward resting their weight on the noodle and then use their hands to paddle forwards – the first to the edge of the pool wins!

    Toy Collector

    You will need:

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  4. Zoggs Predator Mirror Goggles Awarded 'Best on Test' by 220 Triathlon Magazine
    Zoggs Predator Mirror Goggles Awarded 'Best on Test' by 220 Triathlon Magazine

    Zoggs Predator Mirror Goggles Awarded 'Best on Test' by 220 Triathlon Magazine

    We are pleased to announce that our new Predator Mirror Goggles have been awarded 'Best on Test' by the prestigious 220 Triathlon Magazine as we enter another exciting triathlon season.

    This year we launched our new advanced Ultra-Fit Predator Goggles, featuring a frame 15% lighter and more streamlined than our previous model. The new Predator Goggles also feature a new Pulley Adjust strap system which allows the fit and pressure to be balanced top and bottom for a more even and comfortable fit.220-Blog---Predator-Mirror-v3

    We absolutely love our new Predator Mirror Goggles, but here's what the team at 220 Triathlon thought…

    "They have a barely there feel, despite the large frames, and give you all the benefits of 180° vision without the extra weight you often get with bulkier open-water goggles."

    Our mirrored lenses are designed for direct sunshine and bright conditions, reducing glare and reflections of the sun and were highly praised by the team at 220!

    "The mirrored lenses were the best in direct sunlight out of all the goggles on test and also performed well in low level light conditions and murky water… We'd recommend the Predators to any swimmer as a light and versatile open-water goggle for all weather conditions."

    With an overall rating of 9/10 and the verdict that the Zoggs Predator Mirror Goggles were comfortable and a great all-

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