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  1. New Supportive Swimwear for Water Workouts
    New Supportive Swimwear for Water Workouts

    New Supportive Swimwear for Water Workouts

    At Zoggs, we want you to feel so comfortable and confident in your swimwear that you’re free to focus on getting the best results and the most enjoyment from any kind of swimming activity.

    With a range of in-built bust and tummy supports, the Zoggs supportive swimwear collection is designed to resist slipping on the shoulders or riding up on the hips and bottom, so you can enjoy any water workout in absolute confidence.

    Here are six of the latest supportive swimsuits that we’ve added to the Zoggs’ swimwear range:

    Tropical Garden Strappy CrossbackTropical

    This pretty, floral swimsuit features:

    • Removable cups and adjustable shoulder straps for personalised fit and support which is suitable for use with post-mastectomy pads
    • Medium leg height for flattering coverage
    • Complementary pink trim on bust and shoulder straps
    • Click here to shop the Tropical Garden Strappy Crossback


    Tribe Scoopback SwimsuitDeco-tribe-scoopback-swimsuit collage

    This beautiful one-piece swimsuit features:

    • Colourful geometric design which draws the eye to create a feminine hourglass shape.
    • Discreet tummy control panel
    • Fixed cups and medium-width straps for reliable and comfortable bust support
    • Medium leg height for bottom support
    • Click here shop the Tribe Scoopback

    Deco Tribe Crossbackcrossback 1

    This flattering swimsuit features:

    • Two-tone empire line detail which creates the look of a cinched waist.
    • Crossback support
    • Bust lining
    • Chlorine resistant up to 200 hours
    • Lightweight fabric
    • Click here to shop the Deco Tribe Crossback

      Blue Planet Hi-Backblue collage1

    This blue, full-print swimming costume features:

    • Discreet tummy control panel for security and comfort
    • Adjustable straps for a personalised fit
    • Fixed cups for support and a smooth, defined silhouette
    • Low-leg height to flatter the hips and bottom
    • Click here to shop Blue Planet Hi-Back

    Tropical Garden Sandon ScoopbackTropical Garden Sandon Scoopback collage

    This colourful ladies’ swimsuit is one of our most popular styles and features:

    • Fixed cups with medium width straps for reliable and comfortable support
    • Tummy control panel for a secure and flattering fit
    • Attractive stripe design draws the eye and creates a narrow waistline.
    • Click here to shop the Tropical Garden Sandon Scoopback

    You can find further advice and information about selecting a supportive swimming costume that’s right for you in our detailed size and fit guides.

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  2. Man Vs Ocean: Zoggs Open Water Swim Ambassador Adam Walker Launches Autobiography
    Man Vs Ocean: Zoggs Open Water Swim Ambassador Adam Walker Launches Autobiography

    Man Vs Ocean: Zoggs Open Water Swim Ambassador Adam Walker Launches Autobiography

    Man V Ocean Book JacketAdam 'Ocean' Walker was the first Briton to complete the 7 toughest channel swims in the World, also known as the Oceans 7! This incredible endurance challenge is considered the ocean equivalent to the "Seven Summits" and Adam was the second person ever to complete all seven swims on his first attempt!

    This autobiography captures Adam's journey from being a toaster salesman to becoming the 5th person in the World to complete the Oceans 7 challenge. The Oceans 7 is not for the faint-hearted - Adam took on the English Channel, Strait of Gibraltar, Molokai Strait, Catalina Channel, Tsugaru Strait, Cook Strait and North Channel over the course of six years. Adam has worn Zoggs Predator Flex Goggles throughout his 7 ocean swims, and we are honoured to have him as our Open Water and Triathlon Swimming Ambassador.

    During his swims Adam had to face dangerous currents, enormous swells, deadly marine life (including a pretty horrific sting from a Portuguese Man o' War), freezing temperatures, sea sickness and much more.

    Adam is a huge inspiration to the team here at Zoggs

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  3. Six year-old Rosanna Swims 6 Miles in 6 Days
    Six year-old Rosanna Swims 6 Miles in 6 Days

    Six year-old Rosanna Swims 6 Miles in 6 Days

    DSCN9628In August 2015 we supported five year-old Rosanna Ogden during her

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  4. New Year's Swim Resolutions: Beginners Four Week Workout Plan
    New Year's Swim Resolutions:  Beginners Four Week Workout Plan

    New Year's Swim Resolutions: Beginners Four Week Workout Plan

    If you’re planning to get fit in the water this year, you’re in luck! We've pulled together a four week swim workout plan to help you set and achieve your goals, whilst having fun and learning valuable new skills during your new year swim journey!


    Why start swimming in 2016

    Swimming is a sport that you can do all year round and feel great doing! With the added bonus of being a low impact, whole body workout, swimming is a great way to get fit in 2016.

    Setting Goals

    Before you start work out, you first need to figure out what you want to achieve, whether that is feeling confident in the water or swimming the length of the channel - set your goal as a starting point!

    Commitment is the key to achieving your goals, and you want to be able to commit to a program that is realistic for a short period of time, that has achievable goals. For example, committing to swimming for 1 hr a week for 4 weeks will make a big change to your fitness levels and is achievable to fit in with a busy lifestyle. Remember, the key to sticking to your goal is consistency and repetition.

    Ensure your program also allows for flexibility. Our lives change week to week but the one absolute key point is knowing that you will make time to go to the pool at some point each week to look after your body.

    Four Week Swim Plan

    Week 1: Building up your stamina

    During week 1, start with a very basic workout focusing purely on swimming a smooth long stroke and building up your stamina.

    Swimming in sets of two is a great starting point - try swimming 2 lengths with a 30 second break, and repeat.

    You can mix up the strokes if you wish, the first week of the plan is not about pushing to a high intensity but sustaining the ability to breathe a smooth rhythmical breath for every lap that is swum.

    Week 2: Legs

    In week 2, try bringing a focus area such as the legs. Begin your workout with a nice and easy warm up with any stroke at a slow pace for around 2 / 3 lengths.

    Once warmed up, it's time to focus on the legs. Move onto kicking only with a kickboard to isolate the legs, aiming to complete 4 lengths using the board and resting for 30 seconds in between each length.

    Once you have completed four lengths using the kickboard, go back to swimming a full stroke for 3 laps then rest. Repeat this 2 times.

    Top tip: For the greatest body workout, try to kick with your legs under the water and make minimal splashes as you swim! Remember this is not about getting out of the pool and feeling exhausted, but working your body and being able to breathe at the same time.

    Week 3: Arms

    This week now the focus becomes on arms. Again start with a gentle warm up, starting off where we left from in week 2, swimming 3 laps then rest then repeat 3 times.

    Once warm, grab a pull buoy and swim one length just using your arms. Ensure that your stroke is smooth, the more splashes you make the harder and less efficient it becomes.

    Once you have done this for 4 laps stopping at each end, begin 4 laps of the full stroke with no pull buoy. If at all you are finding that you lose your breathing rhythm or start to feel tight in your chest, stop and rest to get your breath back.

    Week 4: Bringing Everything Together

    During the final week of your programme, it's all about bringing everything together and pushing your body a little further.

    Begin with a warm up for up to 10 minutes. The challenge here can be how many lengths can you swim in this amount of time, not as fast as you can as remember it is a warm up.

    Then grab a kickboard - for this exercise you are going to kick for one length slowly, 30 second rest, followed by a second length as fast as you can pushing your body to its limit. Repeat this circuit 3 times.

    Now, try an additional 2 lengths nice and slowly, trying not to make any splashes (it's much harder than it sounds). Follow these lengths by grabbing a pull buoy and swimming 2 lengths just using your arms to build up your strength - Rep

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