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  1. Top 10 Reasons to LOVE swimming!
    Top 10 Reasons to LOVE swimming!

    Top 10 Reasons to LOVE swimming!

    This blog is a shout out for all of you that LOVE swimming and also a reminder for those who wonder what all the fuss is about.

    Personally I could go on forever about the benefits of swimming but let’s keep things short and sweet and see if any of these tickle your fancy.


    1) Enjoyment World Wide – You can swim and enjoy different water environments anywhere in the world. Swimming is a life skill, but I’m not talking about swimming from a survival point of view but instead from a fun and enjoyable standpoint. There is no sensation like being in water!

    2) Family Fun – Water is a great way to have fun as a family. Going to the pool doesn’t mean you have to swim up and down, ‘train’ or even ‘workout’. There’s a vast array of equipment, toys and games to be played that are beneficial and supportive for all ages and abilities. Start with a decent pair of swimming goggles and let the fun begin!

    3) Relaxing – Swimming is brilliant for relaxing your body from your daily routine.  If you focus on swimming and the sensation of just being in water it’s easy to ignore any distractions.

    4) Social Aspect – Swimming is a great social exercise. You can go with your friends and support one another to build confidence and maintain a regular exercise routine.

    5) Underwater – One of my favourite aspects of swimming is swimming underwater. It’s like a whole new world opening up. For brief moments it feels like I’m flying as I glide through the pool.

    6) Variety of Activity – Swimming is an activity that is very diverse. You can swim in a pool, ocean, lake or river. You can swim with friends and there are many water based activities other than solo lane swimming such as synchronised swimming and water polo to try.

    7) Low impact on the body – Swimming is great for recovery. When strokes are performed correctly there is little to no impact put on the body.

    8) Cardio Vascular Exercise – Swimming helps you to build a rhythm with your breathing and raise your heart rate. It supports healthy blood flow around your body.

    9) Strengthen Muscles – When you swim your body will experience some resistance as water has a thicker density than air. This means that you can use the water not just for swimming, but also as an environment to do simple exercises to build your muscles and strengthen your body.

    10) Something that stays with you for life – One of the most versatile exercises across all generations that you can use, enjoy and share throughout your entire life. What are you waiting for? Dive in, take the plunge and enjoy!

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  2. How to perfect your freestyle stroke
    How to perfect your freestyle stroke

    How to perfect your freestyle stroke

    Freestyle is also known as Front Crawl and is typically referred to as the fastest and most efficient stroke of them all.

    Without making things too technical, an efficient freestyle stroke will enable you to burn up to 600 calories per hour whilst giving your body a great workout.

    How to perfect your freestyle stroke

    When perfecting your freestyle stroke, there are some simple pointers that will help.

    The aim of the stroke is to stay as streamlined as possible. The greater the streamlining, the smoother your movement will be through the water. When swimming, try and focus on creating the least amount of resistance possible as you move through the water.

    With regard to your upper body, you will be using predominantly your triceps and lats to support your movement. The rotation with the arms is very easy on the joints. It is important to keep the arm action continuous.

    To achieve that streamlined position mentioned earlier, make sure that the entry point for your arm is between the centre line of your head and your shoulder line.

    Your elbow should be slightly bent with your elbow higher than your hand with your hand then reaching forward. The further your reach forward on top of the water the greater your pull back will be through the water, resulting in greater propulsion.

    Propulsion is the key with front crawl and to truly benefit from this action you need to bring in a 3 sweeps down – Your hand will change direction under the water and sweep in and back towards the centerline under your body – leading to your elbow exiting first. The following video will help to explain this movement in greater detail.

    Click here to watch our Freestyle Stroke Technigue video on Youtube

    Try and make sure that the recovery of your arm is relaxed with a high elbow and with the fingers remaining close to the surface.

    The leg action comes from the hips. Focus on an alternating action. It is best if your knees are slightly bent, with pointed toes as you kick. If you can achieve this it will support a nice, smooth stroke through the water.

    Whatever you call it, Freestyle or Front Crawl, it is a naturally graceful and relaxed stroke. You don’t need to fight the water to get a work out.

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