Meet co-founder and CEO of Likkle Swimmers, Charlotte Holt who shares the amazing things that Likkle Swimmers does for swim safety in Jamaica and what we are doing to help!

Likkle Swimmers is created for the public benefit of a rural community on the south coast of Jamaica called Treasure Beach. Its purpose is to provide free swimming lessons to children aged 4+, and recently adults. This coastal community had no access to a public pool or swimming lessons until recently, and this has led to multiple incidents of drowning.

I am Charlotte Holt, and I am the co-founder and CEO of Likkle Swimmers. My Father Keith Holt also founded the charity, and is our financial director. I grew up and live in Kent, whilst working at a children’s hospital in London. I’ve always been a keen swimmer and I so proud to have set up Likkle Swimmers, which has had such an impact on the children and families in the Treasure Beach community.

In May 2014 a friend visited Treasure Beach with her partner and their two sons. One morning their four-year-old son was pulled out to sea by a riptide; his father swam out and saved his life, but then tragically drowned. I was deeply moved by the strong community spirit in the village, and I resolved to set up a charity that would provide the children of the community with this life-saving skill.


Ocean WalkerOcean Walker


While I had been living in Treasure Beach, its annual triathlon had taken place. I offered to help out and was put in charge of registering entrants to the junior contest. Surprised by how few local children were competing, I was dismayed to discover that this was because barely any could swim. With no access to a safe pool or swimming lessons, they are growing up beside the sea but unable to swim. One tragic consequence of this has been the number of lives the village has lost to the ocean in drowning accidents.

Likkle Swimmers contribute to reduce the number of lives lost by offering free swimming lessons in Treasure Beach. Since 2017, we have provided free swimming lessons to over 700 children aged 3+ and also adults, as well as lifesaving courses to the community. 


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This has been done through 8 week programs which run every summer holidays for the children of Treasure Beach. We have trained 9 local Jamaicans as teachers with a UK standard qualification, and they now run the program, which gives the community some employment. We are hoping that these children will not only learn a skill that will save lives, but in doing so will also improve their self-confidence and independence, thereby benefiting the wider community. We believe with our support and opportunities; they will be able to achieve great things.

We believe that water safety and being able to help others in trouble is incredibly important and we hope that we can reach as many people as possible in the community so that it becomes and a safer place to live and visit. The community have really welcomed us and have been so brave in conquering their own fears themselves.

We are so thankful to companies such as ZOGGS who have supported us with swimwear and kickboards, in order to make sure that every child taking part has something to wear, and that they have the right equipment in order to reach their full potential. Without this support, we would not be where are today.