World Ocean Day - Adam 'Ocean' Walker

Our Ocean’s health is essential for life on our planet. 

Our Oceans cover 70% of earth’s surface with 97% of water on the planet and 50% of the oxygen we breathe… Which is why it is so important we do our bit to protect them! 

The Ocean helps regulate the climate around the world which is essential to maintain a balance and help protect our world from the effects of climate change, which has been proven to increase temperatures that can melt ice caps increasing sea levels and flooding, dangers to wildlife ecosystems, plants, trees diseases and more. 

The ocean itself contains 94% of the entire planets wildlife by polluting it with debris and plastics effects its existence and therefore our existence as human beings. For example microplastics have been found affect our body’s system, causing serious disorders and disease as they contain toxins. 

Four easy ways you can help… 

Reduce plastic use 

Plastic items are responsible for 49% of ocean pollution, here is how you can reduce your usage: 

  • Use re-usable bags when shopping, reusable straws, cup and sports bottles when you’re out and about 
  • Avoid plastic wrapping for food items where possible and choose metal or plastic containers instead of plastic where possible 
  • Avoid buying beauty or cleaning products that contain micro beads. 
Ocean WalkerOcean Walker

Reduce our Carbon Footprint 

Water absorbs Co2 which makes the oceans acidic, this is a huge issue in the cause of climate change, here is how you can help reduce your own Co2 contribution… 

  • Cycle or walk when you can instead of driving.  
  • If you have to travel, try and take a public bus.  
  • Turn lights off and any devices not in use. 
  • Reduce your heating usage in the winter by layering up.  
  • Limit the amount of meat and fish you eat as industrial farming contributes to a huge amount of Co2 gases. 

Ocean Clean ups 

You can get involved with Ocean clean ups.  

There are various organisations around the country and globally which you can join to do beach clean ups and to help extract from the Oceans. It’s important we all do our bit by ensuring no litter is left on beaches or near waterways! 

Talk about it 

Spreading the word on these important issues and educating friends and family to do the same. An estimated 17.6 billion pounds of plastic leak into the oceans every day!!! Plastic isn’t biodegradable so its stays there forever!!!  


If we all do our bit we can help protect them. 

By Adam Walker | Open Water and Ocean Ambassador