Kerri-anne Payne

Keri-anne Payne Top Zoggs Products for Cold Water Swimming

My Zoggs Swimsuit 

I like to go for either a lattice or T-back swimsuit with more of a snug fit especially in the cold to keep in that extra warmth!

I like to pick the pattern depending on how I am feeling on the day but my go to is either the black one or the blue and pink one.


My Decoder T back is my current favourite, It feels well supported and the pattern is a bit unusual which I love.

It’s also long lasting in the chlorine too with the endurance technology and made from plastic bottles so it's a quadruple win for me! 

national fitness daynational fitness day


Swim hats are a must

Specifically, the silicone ones - as they don't tear my hair out as much! They last a lot longer too provided you take good care of them!


For open water swimming, the really bright ones are best for visibility so I opt for the yellow or pink caps from Zoggs

Steer clear of white, blue or black for open water as they are hard to see.


In the pool caps are great for keeping hair out of the way - also keeping the pools clean! Nothing worse than swimming though a stray bit of hair in the pool! 


TOP TIP: I usually wear a woolly hat over the top too in the winter to lock in the warmth.


My Head neoprene booties and gloves

In the winter these are for me a real game changer for open water swimming! My hands get really cold in the water so these help me enjoy the experience even more!



My Zoggs Goggles

I love the way they fit and they are super easy to adjust so much so - my daughter, Josephine can wear them too! They look good as well – which is a bonus as it's not all about that but I'm not a fan of big goggles.

These ones feel really sleek and don't fog up or get filled with water which can be very annoying mid-swim.


Zoggs Sustainability MissionZoggs Sustainability Mission


In the open water I would like to go for the Podium Titanium Goggles which are mirrored to help reduce glare and reflections, making them ideal for swimming in bright or sunny day but the Fusion Air are my absolutely ride or die!


Zoggs Sustainability MissionZoggs Sustainability Mission


Ear plugs

I have found that personally when my ears get cold water in them they hurt a lot!

So I now use ear plugs for swimming in the winter if I put my head under the water… it is a complete game changer and has made a huge difference to my swims.