The Zoggs Wetsuit Fitting Guide

Having the right equipment to support you through your swims is key no matter what the conditions, but in open water there are even more obstacles that make it all that more vital your equipment doesn't let you down. With triathlon season approaching, we've put together our top tips for ensuring you find a wetsuit with the perfect fit for you.2014_10_09_4946_24

The key area to focus on in order to get the right fit is the shoulders. You need to ensure that the fit is close but you can still achieve optimum rotation to not only avoid discomfort but also to reduce fatigue and improve performance. You should look for wetsuits where the neoprene is thinner around the chest and underarms, and you should be able to lift your arms above your head without any resistance from the wetsuit. Zoggs Wetsuits feature an Active Span panel which gives an increased underarm to chest profile for greater upper body extension, perfect for achieving the comfort needed in arm movement.

When finding the right fit in a wetsuit it is important to remember that a wetsuit should feel relatively tight – this is because the close fit reduces the level of water entering the suit and also helps to keep you warm. Once you are in the water the wetsuit will feel more comfortable as a thin layer of water will sit between the neoprene and your skin, so do not be concerned if you feel it is coming up too tight when you first try it on.

To ensure a hydro-dynamic swim a wetsuit will also be close fitting around the neck, this will ease up over time but may be slightly uncomfortable to begin with before entering the water. The Zoggs FX2 Wetsuit offers an Isolator Neck Gasket which features a multi-directional front to rear stretch collar panel to aid flexibility and rotation.wetsuits for triathlons from Zoggs

It is important to pay close attention to size guides when finding the right fit for you. Wetsuit sizes are usually determined by height and weight rather than dress or waist size. The sizing will already be designed to offer the close fit needed in a wetsuit, so there is no need to buy a size smaller than you are to achieve that hydro-dynamic fit.

With the right fitting wetsuit you will be able to focus on enjoying the exhilaration of the water and unrestricted freedom of movement. The Zoggs range of wetsuits offer a fantastic range of features to suit your ability whether you’re just starting out in open water swimming or a regular, accomplished open water swimmer.

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