Confidence Building Pool Game Ideas

When it comes to turning the simplest of things into a game, it's no secret that children are pros; and family time in the pool need not be any different! We've put together some games to feed their imagination and build their confidence in the pool.

The Milkshake

You will need: a Kickboard and Backfloat
Perfect for building confidence with kick technique! Using a Kickboard held out in front of them and a Backfloat for support, ask your child to adopt a horizontal position in the water and kick their legs (making sure their legs are straight) as though they are creating a milkshake. To do this their legs should be making small splashes on top of the water which create bubbles (like the top of a milkshake!). They will find it easier if they are able to put their face in the water for this activity so some funky new goggles may be needed.

Sequence Searchdive rings 57-503 (1)

You will need: Dive Sticks or Dive Rings
Place the toys in a line at the bottom of the pool in 2 metre intervals. Set the rules of the colour order in which to retrieve them and kids can race against the clock or each other to bring them back one at a time to the edge of the pool. Too easy? See if they can retrieve them all in order and in one breath!


You will need: a Backfloat
Using a Backfloat (the super hero jet pack!) ask your child to place one arm by their side and their other arm out in front of them creating their super hero pose. Their head can either be face down in the water or held up. Ask them to adopt a horizontal position by pushing off from the side of the pool and just like a super hero glide as far as they can. When mastered repeat the exercise only this time ask them to kick their legs as well. For a group activity you can challenge them to see who can travel furthest!

Horse Race6967_24_preview

You will need: an inflatable or foam Noodle
A perfect game for two or more players – they can race against each other (or against the clock). Get them to line up on the start line, sitting with their legs either side of the noodle holding on with two hands. On the word 'Go!' they can lean forward resting their weight on the noodle and then use their hands to paddle forwards – the first to the edge of the pool wins!

Toy Collector

You will need: Soaker Toys and Arm Bands
Floating toys are fantastic for building confidence. Get your little one wearing their arm bands and place a toy 2 metres in front of them, asking them to use their legs to swim over to the toy, collect it and bring it back to the starting point. Encourage your child to use their arms not only to pick up the toy but also to support their swimming movements. You can keep moving the toys further away or encourage them to collect more than one at a time!

There's so much fun to be had in the water! You can find even more ideas on how to make the most of your family swims and build the children's confidence with our other blogs here.