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Improve your swimming stroke and body position with a swim kickboard. A swimming kickboard allows you to focus on your lower body by eliminating the need to use your arms to move through the water.

The kickboard acts as a float for your arms and balances your upper body in the water. It means only the legs generate forward propulsion, enabling you to improve leg strength, kicking technique and timing.

Because strenuous kicking is a particularly intensive aerobic workout, it is often neglected during training because the fatigue caused can have a knock-on effect on the rest of the stroke. As a result, many swimmers do not train their legs properly and allow them to become passive. This means many people’s kicking technique never improves.

A session using a kickboard allows you to work your legs with greater intensity than you would in regular training. By developing the leg muscles you improve lower body strength, which means they will perform better in unison with your upper arms.

As your strength grows and technique becomes more embedded, the position of your lower body in the water will improve and become more consistent. Over time, this will help you to improve the overall efficiency of your stroke.

The ergonomic design of every Zoggs kickboard makes them easy to hold on to. They are lightweight and compact, but still deliver optimum buoyancy. We also stock smaller ones suitable for younger swimmers.