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QUICK TIPS: Let’s talk about Bust support

We know that not everybody has different preferences when it comes to swimwear bust supports, because not everybody is that same, at Zoggs make sure that there is a swimsuit for every bust need. Zoggs in-house designers Margot Lundgren & Giorgia Lorenzi have taken the time to come up with 3 top tips on selecting bust support.


Here is our quick guide of our support levels.


Let’s start with natural support. This style has little to no lining but has just enough to keep modesty whilst enhancing the feel of the water, which a lot of swimmers love when they're swimming.



 And then we move on to our light support. Our light support option uses what we call the “shelf bra”. This type of support is really just something that keeps your bust in the right position when you’re swimming. You have a very light pressure under your bust and it keeps supporting, but in a verylight way, nothing too restricting or heavy.

Light SupportLight Support

Medium SupportMedium Support



Leveling up from that is our medium support. For this, we use foam cups which is a molded foam soft cup to give a great shape and security when you're wearing your suit. You have that nice wide band of elastic to really hold the cups and the inside lining in place to give a great support. A benefit of the medium support cossie is the cups are not only removable but also the additional modesty elements, so you just have that little bit of protection and covering just to be more comfortable and confident when you're swimming.




Finally, we have full support which have added floating concealed underwire.This is great for a double D to an E cup bust or fuller bust. You have astretch fabric inside the cup, so it allows for a smaller and a bigger bust. So it anchors the bust and it gives a great shape under your swimsuit.

full supportfull support