Wild Open Water

What Is Wild?

Wild is a FREE community of people that love nature, exploration and getting out into our natural world through the open water.

The Wild app is bursting with features. Where do we start?

Where can I find swim spots?

Search the app for swim spots in any destination. You can find rivers, coastal or lake swim spots! The swim spot isn’t there? Add it! 


The whole community is able to add additional information. Real time updates about jellyfish, pollution or any other hazards can be contributed by the community.


You can also review swim spots, and favourite them so you can create your own wish list of spots to visit!


How do I get there?


Wild is integrated with over 20 direction apps like google, what3words and apple maps, so you can find your swim spot easily! There is a what3words location on every swim spot too!


How do I know if it’s safe to swim?


Great question! In collaboration with straight line swimming and Olympic medalist Keri-Anne Payne, we have created two risk assessments. The first is a safe outdoor swimming assessment - these are different depending on whether you are swimming at a lake, river or at the beach. You can complete this before you go. Then you can complete a dynamic risk assessment at the water’s edge. It’s a really essential tool for water safety, and totally free!


On top of that, we have the facility so that you can send an alert  to a contact of your choice, so they will know where you will be swimming and when. 


I’m not as able-bodied as other people. Where can I swim?


We have added getting there and accessibility info to swim spots so the community can update this info. We also encourage users to add multiple photos so you can see what it looks like before you go!


I’m nervous about cold water shock, how do I cope with that?


Cold water shock is very dangerous and isn’t to be taken lightly. 


We have a lot of great articles on the app on cold water shock, water safety and the environment - contributed by amazing companies like RNLI and Ocean Generation. Check out the SOS section!


We also have a breathing practice section on the app to practice managing cold water shock. 


How can I check conditions at the swim spot?


The app offers 10 day forecasts, and hourly marine and tidal forecasts. If you add a new swim spot, you unlock all of this information! Most of our swim spots are in Ireland and the UK, but you can add one anywhere in the world. So if you’re going on holiday and want to add a new swim spot, you can check out the forecasts before you swim! We have spots in 20 countries and growing each day.


I want to join a group - how do I do this?


You can add a post or click on the chat button on any swim spots. Just ask if any groups attend this spot regularly and when.


I want open water swimming lessons!


Open water swimming, although incredibly worthwhile, is a risky sport. Lessons with a qualified instructor are invaluable. We’re just launching a whole bunch of tools for instructors to run their businesses and swimmers to connect with them and book!


We can’t wait for you to join the Wild community! 


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