3 Training Aids to Help Improve Your Swimming Technique

Improving your swimming technique means developing your strength, rhythm and body position in the water so that you can enjoy faster, longer and safer swims. 

One of the most effective ways to make improvements is to swim with training aids and whether you want to work on your upper, lower or whole-body technique, we’ve got a training aid to match:


Training Fins

Training FinsTo be a fast swimmer you need a powerful yet controlled kick, and that’s exactly what Zoggs Ultra Blue Training Finz are designed to help you achieve.

These short, malleable fins are incredibly easy to use and immediately work to propel you through the water at speed and make any kind of swimming activity more fun!

More importantly, the extra resistance they create in the water makes your legs work harder to help build muscle. While helping you strengthen your kick, these training fins force you to focus on your movements and develop a balanced, smooth rhythm for fast, streamlined swims.

Matrix Hand Paddles

Matrix Hand PaddlesMatrix hand paddles are designed to help you develop your upper body strength and achieve that elusive catch through the adoption of the correct arm and hand position.

Available in two sizes: medium are suitable for anyone that’s new to training aids and is looking to develop the proper swim technique, and large are for more experienced swimmers.

Like training fins, hand paddles also create greater resistance in the water. They force your upper body to work harder, building muscle and increasing flexibility in your arms, shoulders, chest and back.

Because your arms have to work harder, your stroke will be slower but the scooped front-end design of each paddle catches water more efficiently than your hands can alone to propel you greater distances per stroke. By slowing the stroke pace, paddles give you the time and momentum you need to perfect your arm positioning and rhythm. 


Kick Board

Offering you the flexibility to work on either your upper or lower body, the kick-buoy training aid is a real all-rounder.

Made from durable and highly buoyant EVA, this dual-purpose training aid works perfectly as a kick board or pull buoy that helps you to stabilise and improve your body position in the water while you focus on developing your kick or stroke techniques.

It couldn’t be easier to improve your technique and become a stronger, faster swimmer. Simply select the right training aid for you from the Zoggs range, order online and get swimming!