Zoggs Pull Buoy: Voted Best on Test by 220 Triathlon Magazine

Zoggs Pull Buoy

We were so pleased to see that our Pull Buoy has been voted 220 Triathlon Magazine's 'Best on Test' with a 92% rating this month! Here's what they had to say:

"This pull buoy from Zoggs does away with the traditional 'figure of 8' shape and is thicker where your thighs grip, which makes it easier to hold on to. It's also very buoyant, replicating the feeling of buoyancy you get in the lower part of a tri wetsuit."

Pull Buoy

"The shape is of further use to swimmers who need to improve arm technique - some swimmers' hands tend to cross over the centre-line when using a pull buoy, but the extra leg raise means you can concentrate fully on your arm technique rather than keeping yourself afloat. You can of course combine the pull buoy with hand paddles for a real strength-building workout in the pool."

Our Pull Buoy was summed up as "Great shape, well-priced and suitable for all abilities to help improve technique."

A big thanks to 220 Triathlon Magazine for voting the Zoggs Pull Buoy 'Best on Test'!