Finding products to help build water confidence

Help your children build confidence in the water with the Zoggs Learn to Swim range which consists of swimwear, swimming aids and pool games that will help children in their lessons.

Stage 1: Start to swim

Swimwear for the start to swim stage is cleverly designed to make learning a breeze. Our swimwear for babies is the ideal way to get them used to the water with our Deep Sea or Mermaid Flower Baby Wraps made from thick neoprene designed to keep them warm. Use them with Zoggs adjustable Swim Nappy (and Swim Sure nappies) to keep them comfortable in the water.

Baby Wrap Blue Front_24

You can encourage babies in the pool with a trainer seat which is a safe way to get a feel for the water. Pool games with soakers and splash balls are good fun and a great way for kids to enjoy the water too.


Stage 2: Learn to swim

As children learn to swim, they need to have the right tools to support their journey in the water. Floatsuits offer adjustable buoyancy which can be decreased as confidence grows. Swim jackets (like the Deep Sea and Mermaid Flower) and Water Wing vests (Deep Sea and Mermaid Flower) also offer buoyancy with a natural swimming style and more flexibility.


Strength and skill can be encouraged in the water with inflatable armbands as they find their stroke. There's also the Zoggs 3-in-1 Jet Pack which is a kickboard and backfloat combined. As a backfloat, it provides buoyancy and as their confidence grows, you can remove the green kickboard from the centre to get them swimming more independently.


Stage 3: Confident swimmers

The final stage in our swimming Stages of Development is confident swimmers. Once children have found their feet in the water, using Zoggs pool toys and swimming equipment can help further their confidence. These products are specifically designed to develop skills and techniques for strong independent swimmers. Dive and retrieve games for example with dive sticks, dive rings or dive balls will help growing swimmers develop competent skills. Kickboards are ideal for developing kick techniques with inflatable noodles great for building confidence.


You can view Zoggs full range of Learn to Swim products here. Plus there's kids swimwear, vibrant colours and character designs with selected pieces featuring UPF50+ sun protection. Our Kid's swimwear is suitable for girls and boys (aged 0-6 years) with our Junior swimwear catering for children aged 6 to 14.