Learn to Swim Day 2023 | Level Water X Zoggs

What is your advice for parents/carers of a child who are nervous about them starting swimming lessons?


Swimming for children with disabilities is the biggest unmet need in sport. The water takes your weight; it’s a true leveller.  It relieves pain and offers freedom and independence that many of our children never experience elsewhere.


Level Water are an incredible charity who provide 1:1 swimming lessons for children with disabilities across the UK. This Learn to Swim Day, we have collaborated with our friends at Level Water to bring you their top advice for parents, children and swim teachers for getting children with disabilities learning to swim.


Swimming lessons with Level Water and Everyone Active have been a wonderful experience for my children. At first, I was a bit nervous because it was their first time having swimming lessons, and I didn't know what to expect. However, both the facility and the teaching has been excellent, and my children are becoming stronger swimmers each week.


Before starting lessons, I didn't have any major concerns or reservations. The only thing I did was to prepare my son, who has a severe visual impairment, by telling him he was just getting into a big bath. Once he got into the water though, he absolutely loved it and didn't want to get out.The swimming instructors and the facility have been so accommodating and supportive of my child's needs. They're friendly and welcoming, and they do everything they can to help.



Level water Parents

When introducing a child with a disability to swimming, I think it's important to speak to them, explain what's going to happen, and try to make them feel as comfortable as possible. Singing songs, splashing, and making it as fun as possible can help them enjoy the experience.


After each swimming lesson, my children are tired but happy. Swimming is a good workout for them, and they're always ready to go to bed as soon as we get home. As for me, I feel more and more confident, and I look forward to taking them swimming by myself in the future. Overall, swimming lessons have been a fantastic experience for my children, and I would highly recommend them to other parents.


To other parents who may be nervous or anxious about their child starting swimming lessons, my advice is to relax and take a deep breath. The instructors have everything under control, and the facilities are designed to accommodate all types of needs. They will have a great time!