Summer Holiday Essentials Checklist

Summer Holiday Essentials and swimming bagsThe very best way to get your family summer holiday off to the perfect start is to make sure you have everything you need to splash down on arrival at your destination.
Here's your essential checklist for the ultimate summer holiday around the pool this summer:

1. Swimwear

At Zoggs, we believe that swimwear is about much more than simply having something to swim in; aside from being practical it should be comfortable, stylish, flattering, supportive and give you the confidence to just forget about what you’re wearing and enjoy yourself.
That’s why we’ve taken great care to put together a selection of swimwear for men, women and children which ensures that everyone can find the right supports, coverage and fit for their body shape and personal preferences.
Zoggs swimwear is ideal for swimming in any kind of waters but don’t forget to pack beachwear for the time between dips. Lightweight t-shirts, kaftans and sarongs will keep you cool and comfortable while sandals and flip-flops will protect your feet from spiky beach shells or hot poolside tiles.

2. Towel

A large, absorbent towel is essential for drying off after a dip but it’s handy to have a dry, sand-free spare that you can use to bathe on or wrap up in once the day begins to cool.  

3. Sun Protection

Enjoying your swim time is only possible if you take care to protect yourself from the sun.
A high factor, waterproof sun cream will protect the whole family’s skin from sunburn and harmful UV rays, but you’ll also need sunglasses and sunhats to protect your eyes out of the water and swimming goggles to maximise visibility and reduce glare in it.  

4. Entertainment

To while away the hours between swims, pack a bucket and spade or some books for maximum fun. Take some beach and pool toys that will keep the whole family entertained.
You’ll find a variety of toys suited to children and adults of all swimming ability and ages in our pool toys and equipment ranges, including everything from Peppa Pig and Finding Dory squirt toys to flippers and snorkel sets.

5. Safety First

Fun swims are safe swims so remember to pack buoyancy aids appropriate to the age and ability of everyone in the family. You’ll find a selection of arm bands, swim jackets, inflatable rings and kickboards in our range.

6. Swimming Bag

Whether you plan on taking just a few paces from your room to the pool or a long drive out to the beautiful beaches in the region you’re holidaying in, you’ll need a swimming bag to stow your all your essentials and accessories in.
In our range, you’ll find a selection of bags for adults and children that include plenty of pockets and compartments so you can keep everything organised and secure.

Useful Extras

These items aren’t essential but they can help your swim time go smoothly:

  • Waterproof bags for phone, camera and money
  • Hairbands to keep hair out of the way  
  • A luggage tag in your beach bag in case you get separated from your belongings
  • Wet wipes and tissues
  • Small first-aid kit with plasters, prescription medicines, painkillers and upset tummy remedies
  • Carrier bag for rubbish
  • Bottled water for drinking or rinsing sand off of hands and faces

All of the essentials that you and your family need for a swimming holiday can be ordered from the Zoggs online store, all you’ve got to do now is decide which waters you’re going to take them to!
From everyone here at Zoggs, happy holidays.