Stylish Plus Size Swimwear From Zoggs


Zoggs is a company passionate about swimming and sharing this passion with others. They want swimmers around the world to fully enjoy their time in the water, whether it’s for fun, fitness or competitive training.

Finding the right swimming costume can be quite difficult for women as it has to fit comfortably and support your body. Swimming is one of the best exercise activities because it involves the movement of all our limbs; however this means we need swimwear that is designed specifically for our body shape.

Zoggs are aware of this and have designed a range of Swimshapes swimwear that complements various female body types. What’s more, they’ve created incredibly stylish plus size swimwear that flatters your body and suits a variety of personal tastes.

You can find your perfect underwater outfit that reflects your personal style at Zoggs. After all there’s nothing worse than finding items specially designed for specific body types that are just plain and uninspiring.

Choose Swimwear from a Range of Designs
In a nutshell, the plus size swimwear at Zoggs features One-piece, Tankini, Bikini, Swimdress and Legsuit designs. All of them come in both colourful and neutral shades, patterns and creative strap designs.

Now you would imagine with us being in the height of summer, swimsuit prices would stay high but Zoggs are treating their customers with up to 50% off some plus size swimwear as well as other swimming costumes and accessories.

With their easy to use size guide you can select the perfect fitting swimwear based on your exact chest, waist and hip measurements. Getting ready to make a splash in the pool couldn’t be more simple or fun!