Zoggs Launch New Predator Flex Reactor Goggles


Zoggs Predator Flex Reactor is at the forefront of innovation in goggle technology. Photochromati

c lenses have never been available in goggles………..Until now!

The sunlight sensitive lenses react to the sun’s rays for a darker tint in brighter conditions allow-ing the same pair of goggles to be used whatever the weather, indoor, or in open water.

• Photochromatic Lenses adjust the tint rapidly to changing light conditions for superior clarity and protection.

• In bright sun, microsco

pic photochromic particles embedded in the lenses react to UV rays, darkening the optics and reducing brightness and the need to squint.

• Out of sunlight or in overcast / cloudy conditions the particles return to their previous state, letting through more light.

• Zoggs REACTOR lenses are market leading due to their light weight, highly durable, impact resistant UV 400 lenses which offer a rapid transition speed


The lenses are applied to the hugely popular existing Predator Flex frame, which offers 4 Flexpoint Technology ™; Curved Lens Technology (CLT™), Fogbuster™; Wiroframe technology; Soft-Seal™ gaskets and a Split yoke head strap with quick adjust mechanism.

Predator Flex Reactor was tried and tested during the summer of 2012 by groups of male and female open water / channel swimmers and triathletes in outdoor pools, indoor pools and from Shepperton Lake to the North Coast of Cyprus and the feedback was unanimous...

“They were more reactive than I initially expected and seemed perfect in all conditions. I never noticed things being too light or too dark”

“I was so surprised how well they reacted. Completely clear indoors and very dark in bright sun-light”

Predator Flex Reactor will be launched at the Triathlon show at Sandown Park on 1st - 3rd March 2013 and will be sold exclusively by Wiggle during the month of February.

The launch will be supported with an online video, advertising and POS material. Predator Flex Reactor is on general sale from March 2013 with a RRP of £50.00 and includes a stylish hard protective zipped case. For further information and product details of our full range, please visit www.zoggs.com.