Choosing and caring for your goggles

We've been developing goggles since 1992 offering a range of styles suitable for adults, Juniors and kids. These encompass an array of features so you can find the goggles that suit you whether you swim indoors or out. Here's some of latest technology, a goggle fitting guide and tips for making your goggles last.

Soft-Seal™ and Soft-Seal™ + Hypo-Allergenic Frames - this is a unique hypo-allergenic seal that fits to the face like a second skin and a customised fit. Made from thermoplastic rubber, our Soft-Seal™ frame retains its softness whilst providing a leak-free seal. Fogbuster™ Anti-Fog - this provides additional moisture control for exceptional clarity of vision. Fogbuster™ is designed to stand the test of time, especially when goggles are as close to body temperature as possible. Ultra-Fit Frame Technology - our latest patented gasket gives the very best fit and ultimate comfort. This design has been applied to our Predator goggles with the contoured J-gasket allowing less pressure around the eye socket for an almost not there feel.

resize Original predator flex polarised

CLT™ Curved Lens Technology - CLT™ providers swimmers with 180° peripheral vision and crystal clear clarity. This is ideal if you're swimming in a crowd or with others in your lane. CLT™ is also great for children learning to swim so they feel safe and they are more aware of their surroundings. Air Cushion Technology - putting an end to unsightly "panda eyes" it features air filled gaskets made from high quality silicone. These provide a cushioned seal and an 'almost not there' fit with significantly reduced markings around the eyes. Our Air Cushion technology is available in goggles for adults and children.

UV Protection - we were the first brand to offer UV protection as standard in all of our goggles. As well as UV360 protection, we have added UV400 maximum protection to block out 99%-100% of the sun's harmful rays so swimming is safe as well as enjoyable. 4 Flexpoint Technology™ - this is the ultimate in frame technology. Our 4 Flexpoint™ nose bridge features silicone injected flex points for enhanced frame flexibility providing a customised and comfortable fit. The 4-way flex is featured in our Predator Flex goggles which are especially popular for swimmers who love the open water.

Predator flex titanium

Our Goggle Fitting Guide provides advice on how to find the right fit. Essentially, you need to hold your goggles against your eyes without the strap. If you get momentary suction, it demonstrates a good fit. The straps should just hold the goggles in place.

Our goggles are made to last but if you look after them, they'll last even longer. Our Goggle Care Guide features tips on how you can keep your goggles in perfect condition. Do make sure you wash them in fresh cold water after each swim, shaking off the excess water and allowing them to dry away from direct sunlight.

If you'd like to see more of our tips videos including improving your stroke technique, training and fitness, head over to our You Tube channel.