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With a Zoggs snorkel and mask set you can begin to explore the world below the waves. A snorkel and mask provides an ideal introduction to diving without the need for expensive lessons and equipment.

The mask that you get as part of a Zoggs set is designed to give both children and adults total confidence. The mask covers more of the face than just a normal pair of goggles, covering the nose so no water can be breathed in.

The mask’s Vylux skirt seal is designed especially for comfort and protection. It creates a stronger seal around the eyes that ensures the mask is more secure on the face, giving you that extra level of protection that you want while out in open water. Our masks are also fitted with a shatterproof tempered glass lens.

The snorkel that comes in the set has a pre-angled Vylux mouthpiece that is designed for comfort. It makes breathing as natural as possible, so you can enjoy exploring in comfort and with confidence.

We have a snorkel and mask set available in adult and junior sizes, so all ages can enjoy the benefits both in the pool and out in open water.

We also have a centre line snorkel that is a training aid for in the pool. It is designed for use with conventional goggles and comes with a nose clip. It is ideal for new swimmers looking to build their confidence, and also for those who want to focus on their stroke without the distraction of breathing technique.