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Swimming pull buoys are an ideal training aid for swimmers of all levels. They are specially designed floats that fit between the legs. Pull buoys isolate the lower body, meaning the upper body is given a more strenuous workout and you can focus on technique.

The main job of kicking is not to provide forward thrust, but is actually to balance the lower body in the water. Pull buoys perform that task better than most swimmers’ legs can. Using a pull buoy means there is no need to kick to maintain a flat body position in the water. As a result, all the work to move through the water has to be performed by the arms.

With a better body position than is normally achieved, you are able to focus on establishing the components of a better stroke with the arms: keeping the elbows high, catching the water with the right part of your hand, and pushing back through the water. It will also help you build upper body strength with a less strenuous aerobic workout.

The Zoggs pull buoy has an ergonomic, figure-of-eight design that makes it possible to fit between different parts of the legs. Using one in different positions affects the balance of your body in the water, and allows you to focus on engaging your core in the water during your workout.

Used in conjunction with other training accessories such as hand paddles, pull buoys make it possible to improve your stroke and get you swimming more efficiently and faster.