A swimming cap serves multiple purposes. It keeps your hair tucked away, your head warm and makes you more hydrodynamic. Their performance is dependent on the quality of the material it is made from and how securely they fit. At Zoggs, we stock caps made from different materials so you can be sure you can find one that suits your needs and targets.

Zoggs silicone swimming caps feature an embossed no-slip inner surface. This is designed to make sure the swimming cap fits on your head securely and keeps your hair safely inside.

We also have easy fit silicone caps that are designed for a better fit and greater comfort. They have 30% more stretch, making them ideal for people who have longer hair that they want to keep out of the water.

We also have a range of deluxe stretch fabric caps. These are made from an ultra soft spandex fabric, providing 30% more stretch than a traditional silicone cap. They will not catch on the skin or hair and provide greater comfort.