Learning to Swim

Learning to swim is no small feat. That is why we focus on creating a range of learn to swim products that you can trust, and that can help your little ones discover a new underwater world with confidence. If you're wondering how best to get your little one started with swimming, you're in the right place. We have a whole selection of videos to help you and your aspiring swimmer take to the water with ease.

Pre first swim

It's completely normal to be nervous before taking your little one on their first swim, don't worry! To make sure your visit to the pool goes as smoothly as possible, this video is filled with ideas to help you prepare for the first swim.

Baby Swimming Tips

Now hopefully you feel a bit more at ease, it's time to make your baby feel at ease. From keeping them warm, to taking some after-swim snacks, this video is filled with some great ideas to making your little one feel happy, comfortable and confident in the pool!

Progressing to Stage 2

When does your child progress from stage 1 (building confidence), to stage 2 (starting to swim) swimming? Well, we are here to answer that. Don't push them on to the next stage before they are ready, instead wait and see if you can spot some of these tell-tale signs that they are ready to move on up!

Putting on a Swim Cap

This is one of the fiddliest of tasks! If you, like most parents, struggle to get a swim cap on your child, then this walk through might be a real time saver.

Fun with Dive Sticks

Everyone loves a dive stick, and yes we have seen the parents love them just as much! Although you are likely to make up your own games when it comes to playing with them, here are some of our favourite ones to play that also spur on your child's learning!