How To Stay Swim Motivated



Our team has been asked on many occasions, how do we stay motivated to swim? When trying to juggle life, kids, responsibilities and now the added stress of COVID-19 it makes it hard to get in the pool to exercise. To make things easier for you, we have some helpful tips to keep you on track. 


1. It's an oldie but a goodie -  think SMART

Write down and set your goals, and ask yourself is it?





Time Bound

If the answer is yes than you know you’re on the right track


2. Keep some variety in your workouts

 Switch things up every day, whether it’s your swim style, the location or you just decide to jump into ocean. Keep it interesting and challenging.

3. Have short- and long-term goals

There is nothing worse than getting all excited to start your new swim routine and a week in you lose that drive.  By setting realistic goals you’ll be able to track what you’re doing and also see how far you’ve come. Set your own timeframe, no one knows your schedule better than you, so set your timeframes around your life and what you know you can achieve



4. Make sure you have a warm ‘out of the pool’ outfit

 It’s very demotivating knowing that you will have to jump out of a warm pool whilst in the middle of winter and freezing all your bits! Which is why we recommend rugging up before you leave your house. Make sure you have the essentials - Scarf, Beanie, Gloves, and of course your puffy jacket 

5. Remember that the first 10 minutes is always the hardest

 We hate to admit it but it’s true, it’s always hard to start something. Fight the urge to jump out of the water and keep swimming. As the loveable character Dory in Finding Nemo has taught us “Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming”