Goggle Fit & Care Guide

Fitting Your Goggles

Whether you are browsing in-store or you have your new goggle in your hands, it's time to try them out for size. To work out how to get your perfect goggle fit, we have a handy guide below to help you out. One of the most important indicators of a good fit is to press your goggles onto your face without the strap. If you feel momentary suction, then it's a great sign that they are a good fit for you!

Person placing goggles over eyesPerson placing goggles over eyes

Step 1

Place goggles over eyes

Person fitting strap of the goggle over the back of the headPerson fitting strap of the goggle over the back of the head

Step 2

Fit strap over the back of the head

Person adjusting strap of the gogglePerson adjusting strap of the goggle

Step 3

Adjust strap to a firm and comfortable fit

Person adjusting nosebridge of the gogglePerson adjusting nosebridge of the goggle

Step 4

Adjust nosebridge for a comfortable watertight seal

Looking after your Googles

Although it's very tempting to simply take off your goggles after a long swim and sling them straight in to your swim bag, it's actually quite important to look after them a little bit better! Simply follow the steps below and your goggles will live a much longer, happier life.

Person lifting strap of the gogglePerson lifting strap of the goggle

Step 1

Lift strap over head to release pressure

Person removing goggles from the eyesPerson removing goggles from the eyes

Step 2

Carefully remove goggles from face

Cleaning the goggleCleaning the goggle

Step 3

Rinse in clean water & store away from direct sunlight

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