Laps for Life - Challenge Yourself


Zoggs Australia is once again be the principal sponsor of Laps for Life. Now in its fourth year, every dollar raised through Laps for Life will enable to continue providing vital services to ensure young people get the support they need to be happy and well.


Team From Laps For Life At The PoolTeam From Laps For Life At The Pool


The Cause

1 in 4 young Australians is currently experiencing a mental health difficulty. But there’s an even bigger problem: 70% of those who need help don’t get it. And, suicide remains the leading cause of death of young Aussies. That means more young people take their own lives each year than die in car accidents.
After friends and family, the internet is the first place young people turn to for information and support. That’s where comes in.

How Your Support Helps

By fundraising for ReachOut, you are raising critical funds so we can continue to help young Australians each and every day. Every dollar that you raise, and every person that you share your Laps for Life journey with, helps us get that much closer to our goal of helping all young people be happy and well. Find out more here
Take The Plunge ImageTake The Plunge Image


How Do I Get Involved

Step 1 -  Sign Up 

Sign up as an individual, with your family or go for a squad goal

Step 2 -  Set Goal

Set your goal by diving into the beginner, intermediate, advanced or freestyle lane
Beginner = 1km goal
Intermediate = 6km goal
Advanced = 20km goal
Freestyle = Choose your own goal

Step 3 - Share

Share your challenge with friends, family and colleagues and raise funds for your swim.

Step 4 - Swim

Get all your swimming gear from or one of our stockists and then start swimming on 1st March. 

Step 5 - Progress

Log in to your profile to record your progress and keep your sponsors up-to-date with your progress throughout the month of March

Find out everything your need to know for your swim at 


Thank you for swimming to help save lives!