Short Or Long Fins - Which Is Best


Whether you are starting to swim laps or a more seasoned swimmer, deciding on which fin or flipper that is best for you can be confusing. So we have put together the following check list to make it easier to choose.


Short Blade and Long Blade Fins ImageShort Blade and Long Blade Fins Image

Why do I need Fins?

Fins add speed to your workout and can increase your overall strength and endurance in the water without putting extra strain on your upper body and arms. While there are many fin styles, the most common types are Short blade and Long blade.


swimming under water with long blade finsswimming under water with long blade fins

Long Blade Fins

Long blade fins look like your  snorkelling fin.The have a longer, flexible blade and a flat edge to create more water resistance and a longer kick in the water. The heel of the fin is also more flexible and easier to put on.

Given their ease at propelling you through the water and their overall flexibility, the long blade are a great option for leisure & beginner swimmers. 

What's the downside to the Long Blade?

Due to the long blade, you have less leg motion in the water and you will not be able to swim with a natural shorter kick style. The blade will also stretch out over time.

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swimming with short blade fins under waterswimming with short blade fins under water

Short Blade Fins

Short Blade Fins extend a few cms from the tip of your toe. They are stiffer and less flexible on your foot. Short Blade fins make it easier to keep up a quick tempo in the water and create propulsion in the water. Because of this faster tempo, you burn your muscle quicker and it requires more effort to maintain your speed.

What is the benefit of Short Blades?

They more closely mimic your natural swim style. The more natural kick helps with correcting your swim technique and builds leg muscle & strength where you need it. Short Blade Fins are more suitable for experienced swimmers or those who train regularly.

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What Size is Best?

Start by choosing fin size based on your shoe size. In Australia, the EU size will be the one easiest to check against. If you are in between sizes, go for the smaller size to ensure the fin stays on your foot! 

The other quick way to check the best fit for you, is to measure your foot and compare to the Foot Pocket Measurement. Our fin’s pocket is made with soft and elastic material which flexible to accommodate between sizes. 

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Size Chart For FinsSize Chart For Fins