Summer Sun Safety Tips Sun Protection Swimwear

Summer Sun Safety Tips Sun Protection Swimwear

It’s really important to make sure your children are protected from the sun while you’re on holiday. With the Skin Cancer Foundation estimating that just one blistering sunburn during childhood can double the risk of getting melanoma later in life, sun protection during hot summer days is imperative!

Young skin is simply not used to being exposed to high levels of UV rays for prolonged periods. To help, we’ve put together some top tips to make sure the sun doesn’t get in the way of your downtime this summer.

1. Limit exposure
The sun’s rays are at their strongest between 11am-3pm. Even on cloudy days or in the shade, harmful UV rays can creep through. Limit the amount of time your child spends outdoors through the middle of the day to avoid exposure when the sun is at its strongest.

2. Cover up
Keep your kids covered up whenever they’re in the sun. Dark clothing provides better protection than lighter materials. A hat will protect the face and scalp (children’s thin hair will not block out UV rays).

As well as UV sunglasses, it’s also important to protect t young ones’ eyes in the water. To ensure complete protection, Zoggs have included UV protection as a Zoggs_2015_03_04_3622ow (1)standard feature on all goggles since 1992. As well as our standard UV360, Zoggs have also introduced UV40 maximum protection (blocks 99% - 100% of UVA and UVB rays) to ensure swimming is both safe and enjoyable in the sun.

Sun protection swimwear also provides fantastic protection for your child. A sun protection UV suit means that even if your child is constantly in and out of the water you can keep them covered up and protected.

3. Wear sun cream
First off, make sure you apply it properly. Apply a generous amount at least 30 minutes before your child goes into the sun and remember to reapply it every two hours, and after swimming!

Always use a high factor. Even if your child has built up a tan, their skin remains vulnerable. A high level SPF sunscreen will ensure optimum protection.

4. Lead the way
How you behave will influence your little ones; therefore you should make sure you follow the rules just as diligently as you impose them. Besides, staying covered up and wearing sun cream is just as important for you. By acting responsibly you will be doing both yourself and your child good. It means you can get on with enjoying your holiday – safely and as a family!

Have fun in the sun this summer!