Reusable Goggle Packaging

Don't throw packaging away.. Reuse it

Did you know that some of our goggles come in a reuseable goggle case?

Follow the steps below to make your goggle packaging into a reusable and convenient carry case for your goggles.

You can do this for all your Zoggs Junior Goggles, Zoggs Kids Goggles, and selected Zoggs Adult Goggles

1. Look for the Zoggs Goggles in the below packaging.

2. On the back of the packaging you will see some cut lines


3. Take your scissors and cut around the packaging as shown by the cut lines. You will need to cut apx 0.5mm from the cut lines.

NB# you can't cut along the cut lines, these are for directions only.

4. Continue cutting around the packaging. The easiest part to cut is where the cardboard and plastic meet.

Make sure you stop cutting at the clear plastic spine so the plastic case can open and close.  

5. Once cut, you can open the plastic case to remove your goggles ( and replace after use )

This is just one of the ways we are trying to reduce the amount of single use plastic in our range. 

Our ambition is to become a greener and more eco-conscious brand as part of the war on plastic.

Find out more and read our sustainability mission here