Sandys Swim Kit Essentials

As the weather starts warming up again it’s time to start getting into the water again weather that’s at the pool or in the ocean.

Whether the warmer weather has inspired you to start swimming and you aren't sure where to start or if you are in need of a swim kit update

Check out Sandys swimkit essentials when training for the next Masters World Championships!


1. Backpack 

A good backpack is essential for every swimmers kit to keep everything together at the pool. 

The 33L Planet Backpack is the perfect swimmers backpack. Sandy fits a towel, long blade fins, pullbuoy, centre line snorkel and her whole swim kit.  the waterproof base makes sure your clothes stay dry by the poolside. 

Made form 12 plastic bottles and fully recyclable the Planet Backpack is not only great for the pool its also great for the planet. 

Man walking with swimmers backpack, goglges and jammersMan walking with swimmers backpack, goglges and jammers
Sandy Rogers wearing Predator goggles in a pool Sandy Rogers wearing Predator goggles in a pool

2. Goggles 

A pair of goggles that actually fit your face are essential to every swimmers kit. 

Sandy loves her Predator clear goggles as  

             " They are comfortable and so comfortable and fit so well! They don’t dig in my eye socket but sit above it. I love the clear lens rather than tinted as I swim early and don’t need to cut glare out "

Be sure to protect your goggles with a goggles case and Ecofog 

Scan your face here to find your perfect fit.


3. Long Blade Fins 

Long blade fins have a longer, flexible blade and a flat edge to create more water resistance and a longer kick in the water

Sandy uses her long blade fins in training drills when focusing on her kick strength and tempo. 

long blade fins or flipperslong blade fins or flippers

Sandy wearing adjustable chlorine resistant swimsuitSandy wearing adjustable chlorine resistant swimsuit

4. Swimwear 

If you are looking to spend more time in the pool this summer, you want to make sure you have some swimwear that you comfortable in and stands up to the water. 

Our swimwear is highly chlorine resistant and made from plastic bottles making sure that you are feeling good and doing good with every swim.

Sandy's favourite styles are thin strapped training suits to ensure she has a great range of motion when swimming. 

Sandys current favourites are 

Flower Surge Starback

Jungle Bird Tri Back 


5. Centre Line Snorkel 

The centre line snorkel is a great training aid to use in both isolation or in combination with any other training aid. 

Sandy uses the centre line snorkel in her swim dirlls that focus on body rotation and balance in the water. 

Sandy wearing a centre line snorkel in the pool Sandy wearing a centre line snorkel in the pool