Discover the new Ultima Air Titanium goggles

The latest edition to the Zoggs air cushion story are the Ultima Air Titanium swimming goggles. Available in black/grey/titanium and blue/blue/titanium, these goggles look and feel fantastic in the water. With air filled gaskets made from high quality silicone, there’s a cushioned seal providing an almost there fit and significantly reduced marking around the eyes.

The titanium lenses offer added protection from reflected light to reduce eye fatigue in bright conditions and soften the visual experience for indoor swimming. There’s a handy slide adjust mechanism which is perfecting for finding the right fit, combined with an interchangeable nose bridge. Other features include CLT™ – Curved Lens Technology which provides 180-degree peripheral vision, Fogbuster™ anti-fog lenses for superb clarity and 2 interchangeable nose bridges for a customised fit.


Set the pace in the Zoggs Fusion Air Mirror goggles. With air cushion technology these goggles provide a 'cushioned' seal and an 'almost not there' fit which is designed to give secure and contoured suction and significantly reduce marking around the eye. The mirrored lenses are ideal for direct sunlight and bright conditions which reduces glare and reflections of the sun – ideal for swimming outside.

The Fogbuster™ anti-fog provides exceptional moisture control, 180° peripheral vision and maximum UV protection. These goggles come in deep green/lime/mirror, white/green/mirror and black/green/smoke. The Zoggs Fusion Air goggles have the same features but without the mirrored lenses, these are available in navy/blue/tint and white/pink/smoke.

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