Swim Kit Essentials

As the weather starts warming up again it’s time to start getting into the water again weather that’s at the pool or in the ocean.

Whether the warmer weather has inspired you to start swimming and you aren't sure where to start or if you are in need of a swim kit update

Check out our top picks that are essential in every swimkit!


1. Backpack 

A good backpack is essential for every swimmers kit to keep everything together at the pool. 

The 33L Planet Backpack is the perfect swimmers backpack. Large enough to fit equiptment and a change of clothes while still being comfortable to carry. 

The Planet Backpack has 

  • Water resistant base 
  • Dry vented compartment for wet gear 
  • Zip pockets for your valubles

Made form 12 plastic bottles and fully recyclable the Planet Backpack is not only great for the pool its also great for the planet. 

Man walking with swimmers backpack, goglges and jammersMan walking with swimmers backpack, goglges and jammers

2. Goggles 

A pair of goggles that actually fit your face are essential to every swimmers kit. 

The right pair of goggles comes down to personal preference and and fit (what works for your friend might not work for you). 

Check out our goggle fit guide to help you get started with finding your goggle fit. 

Out top pick is our Predator Pange with 2 different syles and sizes you can find your perfect fit. 

Scan your face here to find your perfect fit.

3. Swim Cap

Swim caps are mandatory in most swimming pools. 

They not only help to keep pools clean they also reduce hair damage and keep your head warm in cooler temperatures. 

If you have longer hair we recommend the Easy Fit cap which has 30% more stretch than traditional silicone caps.

The Deluxe Stretch cap is also a great cap option as it is made from a ultra-soft spandex fabric and is easy to put on adults and kids. 

4. Swimwear 

Swimwear is an obvious necessity in every swimmers kit but if you are swimming regularly you want to be sure that your swimwear is comfortable and is able to stand up to the water. 

All of our swimwear is highly chlorine resistant and made to fit your body. We want to make sure everyone feels good and secure in their swimwear. 

Which is why our womens swimwear range has different amounts of support and our mens range all have internal drawstrings and come in a range of styles. 

5. Kickboard

A kickboard is an essential for every swimmers swim kit. Kickboards are great to help you work on endurance and kicking form.

Our Meduim Kickboard is ergonomically shaped with a wide body which tapers to a point. the channels underneath help to reduce drag.

The hand holes mean that you can change your grip depending on which is most comfortable for you. 

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