Water Wings Vest Guide

Water Wing VestWater Wing Vest


Zoggs Water Wings Vest will get your child swimming quicker than any other learn to swim or buoyancy aid.

It provides fixed buoyancy and encourages a natural swimming position, helping young children get comfortable and confident using their arms and legs to move around in the water.

The Zoggs Water Wings Vest gives your child unrivalled freedom of moment and helps them discover the joy of the underwater world with confidence, learning how their body interacts with the water and how it is the water, not the vest that keeps them afloat. Your child will feel secured and completly free to move about how they want. Perfect for learning to swim (and having fun!).

And don't worry, it's easy to put on and take off too, even when they're all wet!

What's been said about them already?

'Just love this swim vest! The sizing is perfect for my daughter and helps her in the water without being restrictive at all. Would highly recommend!''Brilliant item. My daughter went from being very sceptical about the water to being able to swim with confidence and jump in the pool without fear. Doubt any other product would have made her feel so safe. Would highly recommend to anyone!''Absolutely brilliant!!! After one week on holiday it has given him the confidence to swim without hanging around mum or dads neck! Confidence grew day by day and at the end of the week he was swimming under the water!!!
'Absolutely brilliant. Both my kids loved them and it gave them both the confidence on holiday they needed, plus made us feel so much happier knowing they were wearing them around the water - especially the 17moth old''Brilliant swim, vest, doesn't rise up when little one goes in the water....as I see some that do. Little one says it is comfortable and allows her to have the movement in her arms to help her swim. Definitely recommend!''I bought 2 of the water wings for my b/g twins. They're currently 18 months old. I love them and it's very reassuring knowing that they have a securely attached floatation device now. They were a little unsure initially, but were already growing in confidence by the end of our swim session.'
Water Wings Vest pink with flowersWater Wings Vest pink with flowers

Step 1

Securely fit the water wing vest on the child: Unzip the zipper located on the back and assist the child to insert their arms through the armholes. Pull the zipper up and first securely fasten the smaller velcro tab followed by the main velcro tab over the top of the pulled secure zip.

Step 2

The child should enter the water with the assistance of a competent adult swimmer holding their hands as they do so. Once in the water, the child must be assisted until they become familiar with and are able to control the buoyancy by themselves.

Boy who is standing near to the pool and wearing blue/orange Water Wings VestBoy who is standing near to the pool and wearing blue/orange Water Wings Vest
Mother who is holding her daughter in the waterMother who is holding her daughter in the water

Step 3

When the child is able to float unassisted, remain within arm's reach at all times. With the water level across the shoulders, the child should then be able to control the buoyancy while continuing to be supported.

Step 4

Encourage the child to kick in the water and to begin to move one arm in front of the other. This process should not be rushed. The child should not remain still in the water whilst wearing this vest, movement of the arms and legs are essential, and they should always be within arms reach of a competent adult swimmer.

Girl who wears the water wings vest during divingGirl who wears the water wings vest during diving

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