Zoggs - 10 Reasons to take up Open Water Swimming

Check out our top 10 reasons to take up OPEN WATER SWIMMING 

  1. Open Space - A real sense of freedom as there are no walls, no barriers to the distance you want to swim. You are not restricted to a pool lane and swimming in a confined space.
  1. Being in touch with nature - Enjoying the beauty of nature, exploring many different types of scenery with rivers, lakes and oceans with many different backgrounds to forest/woodland, rolling hills, mountains and so much more!
  1. Physical Benefits -  Swimming in cold water has scientifically proven to boost the immune system, increasing your white blood cell count by swimming at least 3 times a week. It can feel like a detox for the whole body.
  1. Mental Benefits – In cold water cortisol, a stress hormone is released from your adrenal glands, while a beta-endorphin hormone in the brain provide a sense of euphoria creating a natural high, helping to improve your mood. Also the sense of achievement swimming in deeper water out of your comfort zone, can also give you a sense of acomplishment.
  1. Social Benefits – Open water swimming is very much a social sport, you don’t have to be competitive. It is beneficial for all ages and abilities. There are many groups up and down the country and globally that come together and meet to do wild swimming or at a local lake/ocean and enjoy a chat and a coffee afterwards. Whenever I’m travelling, I will try and swim with a local group or swimming community where possible. It’s a great way to meet new people.



  1. It’s Cheap – To participate doesn’t cost a lot of money. There are many bodies of water that are free, but even private lakes who organise designated times will not break the bank.
  1. Rehabilitation – If you are recovering from physical injury and restricted from any land based sports like running or cycling, open water swimming is ideal as there is no pressure on your joints as you are weightless and the cold water can help with inflammation.
  1. Boost Energy Levels – Nerve endings stand on end in colder water and this will make you feel alive. Having a morning swim before work or approaching the day can make you feel like you have so much more energy for the day ahead
  1. A Great Day Out for the family – You can all do it together and its an important life skill that everyone should learn.
  1. It’s FUN!!!!!! One of the biggest growth sports for the last 10 years!!