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Keri-anne Payne Top Zoggs Goggles

What goggles for what swim?

Zoggs Ambassador Keri-anne Payne goes through her definitive Zoggs Goggle Guide in this latest blog.








Open water? 





Fusion Air Goggles. 


They fit me like a glove! They are smaller around my eyes which I prefer from my years of wearing training and racing goggles. Although they are smaller they still give a great perspective with the 180 d peripheral curved lenses. Ideal for the open water and indoor swimming. My training for the Scilly Swim Challenge will include both outdoor and indoor swimming so finding a google that can work for both is great. 


I also like these goggles because they have a changeable nose piece to suit my face. They are tinted and offer UV protection so when I am swimming outdoors I know I will be able to see in most conditions but the lenses are only tinted and not mirrored so I can use them in the indoor pool I train in too which is a little dark.   


Finding a pair that I can combine both indoor and outdoor swimming in is a real bonus for me as I can keep training in the same pair of goggles that I am ultimately going to complete my challenge in. 


There are other options though for great goggles so here is my run down of goggles that might suit your needs. 

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Indoor goggles

Depends on the pool you swim in - some pools are very bright with big windows so you might not need a clear goggle but some pools or gym pools are really dark and a bit moody. If you are only ever going to swim in one pool then pick a pair of goggles depending on their lens and the pool specifics;

Light pool - Predator flex original, these have a light tint on the lens to take a bit of the brightness away so you can really focus on your swim. 

Dark pool - Fusion Air blue tint goggles, these goggles have a blue tint so they will brighten up your swim in a dark pool environment. 


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Outdoor goggles 

This is a little dependent on the conditions on the day, here's why;


Bright sunshine - when the sun is shining this creates a glare on the water especially if the sun is rising on setting. If you are swimming towards the sun then you will really struggle to see anything because of the glare so what you will need in these situations are really good polarised goggle like the Predator Flex Polarised Ultra Reactors. These goggles have a photochromatic lens, reacting to the sun's rays for a darker tint in brighter conditions. They also offer maximum UV Protection. 

Overcast conditions - these conditions can be tricky still for the brightness that these conditions can create on the water. I would suggest still finding a tinted or mirrored pair of goggles like the Podium titanium goggles. Titanium lenses provide added protection from reflected light to reduce eye fatigue. These can be a good pair for both sunny and bright overcast conditions. 


Darker conditions - on those particularly dark and cloudy days outside you may want to head down the dark poolside route with a blue tinted goggle like the Fusion Air blue tint. These still offer UV protection but will brighten up the water and surrounding areas. 


Competition/Event goggles 

This again depends on the competition, your goals for the competition or event you are taking part in and if it's indoor or outdoor? 


To triathlon or not to triathlon? Most triathletes tend to opt for a bigger goggle so they have a great range of vision when swimming in the open water so if you are taking on a triathlon you might look at the Predator Flex polarised goggles to cover off almost all eventualities. If you are looking to make your swim that little bit more streamlined I would suggest trying the Ultima Air titanium goggles. These will still offer a great view in the goggles but will sit closer to your face and make you a little more streamlined. 


Pool competition. If you are racing in the pool you will want to find a pair of goggles that offer the least resistance like the Ultima air or the fusion air goggles. 


It would be highly recommended that you train in these goggles a bit to get used to them before your competition. With both goggles above you can choose the mirrored or tinted versions. All options here offer UV protection and a stylish look.