Adult Goggle Selector

There are so many goggles to choose from we want to help! We’ve taken a few of Zoggs favourites and broken them down as to why they could be perfect for your swim. Read more and find your perfect fit…



You're going the distance!

You need ultimate comfort and a dependable fit to ensure your swim is free from seal pressure and leaks no matter how long or how far you swim.




You're a committed swimmer!

Swimming is part of your fitness journey, so you need a reliable bit of kit that offers comfort and clarity over medium distances.




You're living life in the fun lane!

Leisurely laps are your favourite way to keep active - what's most important is that you're moving, so you need a goggle that lets you do so with confidence. 



Predator Goggles


Get ready to experience our Best Fit Yet, with our Predator Flex swimming goggles. The Predator Flex range offers unrivalled comfort and fit, thanks to the use of 3D flexpoints for enhanced frame flexibility and a customised fit.

As no two faces are the same, we have introduced two different fits into the Predator Range; Regular Profile Fit and a new Smaller Profile Fit. Coupled with our new Advanced Ultra fit Gasket, the Predator range now fits more faces than ever before.

A Fit for Everyone

Predator goggles are ideal for the versatile swimmer. Excelling indoors, these goggles can also hold their own outside with UV protection and anti-fog equipped. The pair are also sporting a pulley adjust system on the double strap, so there won’t be any time wasted fitting your goggles when you can quickly adjust the fit and jump straight in.
Featuring the iconic WIRO frame look and original predator colours, they undisputedly look great too. That’s always a bonus.


Available in two sizes - Regular Profile Fit and Smaller Profile Fit.

• Exceptional and unrivalled comfort from the exclusive Advanced Ultra Fit™ gasket, designed to reduce pressure around the eye.
• Range includes multiple lens colours and lens technologies to make sure you have a goggle to fit your swim, whether you are swimming indoors or outdoors or both there is a lens for every swimmer.
• 3D Flexpoint (only available in Predator Flex goggles) designed to increase flexibility helping the goggle sit closely on each face shape.
• CLT™ (Curved Lens Technology) offering 180-degree peripheral vision - perfect for those busy lanes or competitive races.
• And of course some of Zoggs favourite goggle features - Anti-fog, UV Protection.
If you want a goggle with a secure fit and designed for any swim the Predator range is for you.


Want to try them on? Check out the Zoggs 'Find Your Fit' app or at 
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Phantom 2.0 Goggles


Feel great gliding through the water with our Phantom 2.0 Clearer Vision goggle. On top of looking great, this goggle features a quick adjust system to help you find the right fit, as well as a split yoke strap for maximum support and comfort. 

Clear Vision

The Clearer Vision lenses not only amplify light in low level conditions but also reduce glare in brighter conditions. Top it off with Fogbuster anti-fog, UV protection and Curved Lens Technology and you've got a winning goggle.


Whether you are powering down the lanes, heading for a family swim or taking on that local lake, the Phantom 2.0 can keep you gliding through the water. So why choose the Phantom 2.0:

• Great comfort, lightweight and face contouring fit created through the use of the Soft Seal™ gasket.
• Selection of lens colours to find that perfect lens for swimming inside, outside or both.
• CLT™ (Curved Lens Technology) offering 180-degree peripheral vision - perfect for those busy lanes or competitive races.
• And a few more of Zoggs' favourite goggle features - Anti-Fog, UV Protection, Quick Adjust and Split Yoke Strap.
If you are looking for that everyday training goggle that can cater for all other swim occasions the Phantom 2.0 is for you!



Bondi Goggles

Set the pace in the pool or in open water with our fantastic Bondi goggle. Blue tinted lenses are designed to offer great protection from bright indoor light, making them especially effective in indoor conditions. 

Additional Fogbuster anti-fog offers extra moisture control for clarity of vision, and UV protection acts as a fantastic shield from the sun’s harmful rays. To seal the deal, the slide adjust strap with split yoke provides fantastic comfort and very simple adjustability.

It's time for Bondi! Bondi is a great value goggle available in two lenses, coloured and tinted, to adapt for both indoor and outdoor light. The Bondi is designed as a lower profile fit (sits inside the eye socket) with all the comfort and technology Zoggs prides itself on. So what are the key features of the Bondi:

• Range includes 2 colour variations, Smoke and Tinted to provide medium protection against the sun and bright light whether indoors or outdoors.
• Ideal for indoor conditions.
• And a few more of Zoggs favourite features - Anti-fog and UV Protection.


Otter Goggles

You won’t have to worry about anything other than enjoying your swim with our Otter goggles. Our unique hypo-allergenic Soft-Seal frame moulds to the contours of your face for superb customized fit, while our high quality silicone split yoke straps provide a secure but comfortable hold.

The blue tinted lenses are designed to provide good protection against the sun and bright indoor light, making it a great goggle for indoor use. Throw in excellent UV protection and Fogbuster anti-fog and you’re on to a winning goggle.

The Zoggs Otter goggle is a winning goggle for indoor training. Similar to the Bondi, the Otter has a lower profile fit (site inside the eye socket) for a streamlined and comfortable swim. But what else does the Otter feature:

• Colour / Tinted and Smoke lenses to provide medium protection against sun and bright indoor lighting.
• Using the Soft Seal™ gasket giving the goggle a comfortable, lightweight and contoured fit to the face.
• The Zoggs favourite features - Anti-Fog and UV Protection.