Zoggs Swim Diaries

  • Zoggs Swim diaries: The sport that grows with you

    The Zoggs Swim Diaries series focuses on people who are taking on a personal challenge whether it be learning to swim, working towards a specific goal or doing something ext…Read More

  • Zoggs Swim Diaries: Outdoor swimming for the non-swimmer

    If you've not come across the Zoggs Swim Diaries before, it's typically where you'll find guest posts from inspirational people who are taking on a personal challenge. Whether…Read More

  • Zoggs Swim Diaries: Swimming the Bangla Channel

    On the 29th of January 2018 Becky Horsbrugh will be the first British person to attempt to swim the Bangla Channel in the Bay of Bengal. It's a 16km (10 mile) sea route from…Read More

  • Ventures into the murky unknown

    Having gained 30 medals in her professional swimming career, including Gold at the 2016 Rio Paralympics, Susie Rodgers needed a challenge. Find out what happened... A few mon…Read More

  • Zoggs Swim Diaries: A solo swim to France? No, it’s a huge team effort!

    The time is almost here! As Deborah waits for her channel swim to arrive she shares how she is feeling... As I sit here in the middle of the night, wide awake with a mixtur…Read More

  • Zoggs Swim Diaries: Swimming Butterfly (it's all about the flow, or so I'm told)

    What makes Joc #SwimHappy? The friendships, the conversations, escaping the kids and most of all the challenges! This week Joc shares how she challenged herself to conquer th…Read More

  • Zoggs Swim Diaries: Progress so far...

    Now I am quite a few months into my swimming lessons I felt it was a good time to sit down and reflect on my journey so far. There were a lot of ups and downs – but ultima…Read More

  • Zoggs Swim Diaries: Progress is slow but steady...

    After a couple of months of taking the plunge, Lillian fills us in on how the lessons are progressing... Now I have got over my initial fears from my first few lessons, I w…Read More

  • Zoggs Swim Diaries: What makes Deborah Herridge #SwimHappy?

    Regular open water swimmer Deborah Herridge has shared with us what it is about the sea that makes her #SwimHappy... So many things! Where shall I #SwimHappy pl…Read More

  • Zoggs Swim Diaries: What makes Susie Rodgers #SwimHappy?

    As part of the Zoggs #SwimHappy campaign, each week a Friend of Zoggs will be sharing their story of the water! To kick off the series Paralympic 50m Butterfly Gold Medali…Read More

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