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If you have an apple shape body, then you will love our range of swimwear that has been designed especially for you. There is a huge range of different styles, colours and fabrics to choose from. Each of our apple shape costumes available in a range of sizes too, so you can find the perfect bikini or costume to suit your body and your style.

At Zoggs we believe everyone should be able to enjoy swimming. Whether it’s for fun, fitness, or just while on holiday, we think that everyone should feel comfortable every time they go for a dip in the pool or sea.

Part of feeling comfortable is finding swimwear that you feel great in, and that’s not just a matter of picking your favourite design. At Zoggs, we have a range of different shaped swimming costumes so you can find the perfect one to fit your body. As well as the apple shape costumes you will find here, you can find swimwear designed for other body types too.

The idea is always the same: to allow you to look and feel great every time you go for a swim. Feeling your best gives you the freedom to focus on what really matters, and it means you can get the most out of your swim, be that for exercise or splashing around on holiday. Take a look at any of our apple shape swimming costumes to see the fantastic designs that we have, and prepare to find swimwear that fits better than any you have worn before.