Rule The Pool With SWIMTAG & ZOGGS

Zoggs has teamed up with SWIMTAG to help you get the best out of your swims. 

Love swimming but hate counting lengths? SWIMTAG does the maths so you can focus on what's important.

SWIMTAG is a social swim training aid and monitoring system that tracks your progress in the pool and in open water. See your swims, beat your personal bests, join a community of swimmers, take part in epic challenges and virtual swimming competitions.


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How Does It Work?




Once you have uploaded your first swim...


SWIMTAG provides you with a unique view of your swim, you can breakdown each individual length and split, or view your grouped training sets

The system tracks the number of lengths you complete, split times, stroke type and stroke rate. You can then keep track of key swim statistics such as average pace, distance per stroke, calorie burn and rest percentage

The homepage keeps you up to date with your latest progress and achievements, with every swim recorded we will notify you of new PB'scompetition and challenge updates.

You will also receive notifications from your local pool on the latest news and events keeping you updated on the latest poolside activity.


Discover the Features





Challenges - Swim Further 


Challenge yourself and others to take on an epic swim. Select a start and finish date for your Challenge and SWIMTAG will update your progress as you move along the map.





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  1.  Predator Flex Polarized Ultra (with glow) - Ocean Walker Goggles
    Predator Flex Polarized Ultra (with glow) - Ocean Walker Goggles
  2. Predator Goggles Tinted
    Predator Goggles Tinted
  3. Predator Goggles Smoke
    Predator Goggles Smoke
  4. Predator Goggles
    Predator Goggles
  5. Predator Titanium Goggles
    Predator Titanium Goggles