We combine aquadynamic design, lens technology and comfort in each pair of Zoggs goggles, to deliver a crystal-clear view in the water.

Quality design 

Glide to the finish line in Zoggs performance goggles. Find 4 Flexpoint Technology™ in our Predator Flex and Aqua-Flex goggles. Enhanced frame flexibility offers a contoured fit that reduces drag in the water and reduces red marks.

All our quality goggles are designed to last - rely on your pair swim after swim, for all your competitive meets.

Lens technology

Zoggs’ Curved Lens Technology™ improves peripheral vision for a 180-degree view in the water. UV protection features in all our lenses for excellent protection against the sun’s rays - ideal for open-water swimming.

For high level light conditions, polarized lenses offer that extra bit of protection against glare and reflections. Pick a pair of photo-chromatic lenses that react to light changes – perfect for indoor and outdoor swims. 

For keen outdoor swimmers, mirror swimming goggles have mirrored lenses to reduce glare and reflection from the sun. Keep the finish line in clear view with nothing to hold you back.

Adjustable comfort

Our goggles come with easily-adjustable straps for a customised fit. Choose a pair with a split yoke strap for even more comfort. This clever design feature reduces pressure around the eyes.

Flexible nose bridges contour to the shape of your face for a comfortable aquadynamic fit. Add a personal touch with the Fusion Air range’s interchangeable nose bridges. Choose from 5 different colours to suit your style.