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Zoggs Pull Buoys are a perfect training aid for swimmers of all abilities.

The specially designed floats fit between the legs to focus on the upper body for a more strenuous workout and focused training.

Aerobic workout

Use a Pull Buoy to isolate the lower body, leaving your arms to do all the work.

Build upper body strength with an effective aerobic workout in the water.

Improve technique

Our Pull Buoys balance your body in the water to achieve a better position while swimming. This helps to establish a strong stroke technique.

Elbows are kept high to catch water with the right part of your hand, pushing back through the water to propel you forward.

Ergonomic design

The Zoggs Pull Buoy has an ergonomic, figure of eight design. It fits between different parts of the legs to change the balance of your body and engage your core during your water workout.