Zoggs kick boards are designed to help the whole family improve their swimming position and kick technique.

Find designs that adults and kids will love to help them train in the water and grow confident swimmers.

Develop technique

Swimming kickboards are the perfect tool to focus on your kick technique - hold onto the kickboard as you propel through the water.

This helps to improve leg strength and increase speed, even after the training aid is removed.

Junior kickboards

Nurture competent young swimmers with our selection of kickboards for children. Colourful character designs including Finding Dory and Pippa Pig help little ones get excited about learning to swim.

Zoggs kickboards offer increased buoyancy, giving kids the confidence to swim independently and work on their technique.

Increase workout

Adults get an intense workout with the help of our specially-designed training aids. Kickboards isolate leg muscles for focused training of the thighs and glutes.

Add some variation to your training sessions to keep you motivated swim after swim.